Testors Model Magic Panzer olive Grun 1943

Mr Fett

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Does anyone have pics of their helmet painted with this new discovery of ESB main green yet? I'm curious to check out some photos of your helmets. If it's great, I might have to repaint, but I've never used an airbrush before either... :(

For you guys that were using this paint in an airbrush, do you paint it on straight, or does it get watered down with water to spray?
I just painted mine this afternoon with Panzer Green. It looks a little dark at this point, but after a light sand, it may take on the 'pepto' look.

Any other suggestions for achieving this effect?
What does making skirts have to do with weathering helmets? :)

Or did I miss something?

BTW, thanks for the tips, guys. I'll keep an eye out for the pepto look.
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