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what is everyone using to color the area around the blast marks and scratches on the armor. It looks kind of tan or almond color to me?
Fettpride wrote:Yep, the lighter yellow is a custom. But it's a real easy one. It's Testor Acryl, Flat Tan, with Testors Acryl Flat White, and a touch of Testors Acryl Flat Yellow. Don't remember the EXACT ratio unfortuntaley, I'm bad about that. But I'm sure you can match it from the pics.

Good luck
I took some black acrylic paint, put it on my finger and rubbed it into the blast areas. I didn't make it too dark, just enough to look chared.
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On the MOM costume, you can see a sort of tan/yellow outline on the blast marks. Do you know what color was used?
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Fettpride used Testor's Zinc Chromate Enamel (the small glass bottles that you get at model shops). His looked so good that I went out and bought some myself. I'm just waiting on my armor to arrive so I can get to work.

::Edit:: While you're there, pick up a can or two of the Testor's Dull Cote spray paint/sealer to knock the shine off your armor and protect that finish.
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I used Testor's Yellow Zinc Chromate for the primer color on the chest pieces and the codpiece. The primer color on the shoulders and knees (since they're already yellow) is more of a light tan color. The Yellow Zinc Chromate really doesn't stand out against the yellow of the armor. I used Krylon "Almond" on my shoulders, and will use it again when I get the knees. It's darn close. You can also custom-mix yellow, tan, and white to get the desired look. :)

As far as "carbon scoring" marks go, I used Mars Black acrylic paint, airbrushed, on most everything. I then go over it with charcoal from... MY BBQ GRILL!!! Hey! It's realistic-looking (charcoal is mostly carbon), and you just can't beat the smell of hickory! ;)
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