Tackle Twill Vest Questions...


Hey guys,

I got some greyish tackle twill to sew up some vests. I ALWAYS thought the twill was sewn with the matte side out and the gloss in. This just makes sense in my mind because the gloss side is very reflective and shiny and doesn't "fit" with the rest of the costume. I know that I read somewhere that it should be matte out, but I went to the wiki to check out the neck seal attachment and noticed that is says the gloss side should be out and the matte in....:confused Which is it?! I was hoping to sew a couple this morning, but I guess I'll have to wait.


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In the past, I've done the vests with the gloss side out, then weater it with light greys through an airbrush, and finally hit it with testors dull coat to knock down the sheen. Then through the wash a few times, and they end up looking pretty good. Without weathering, they will light up like reflective tape in photos!!!!!

Neck seal I always do with the shiney side out, and really don't weather it much. I do think for my future vests though, I'm gonna try making them with the matte side out. Its really up to you though. Most folks seem to like to do it with the shiney side out, but I don't think anybody has 100% diffinitive proof one way or the other which way they should be done, or for which suit.

For what its worth, I am of the opinion, that some of the ROTJ vests were done with the shiney side out, but the hero ESB looks to me to be done with the matte side out, but thats just my personal opinion.


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Supposedly, the vest is matte side out, and the neckseal is gloss side out. Additionally, there seem to be a range of quality of tackle twill material with varying degrees of shine to them. I have yet to see any that matches the sheen of the original vest and neckseal. If you ask me, the vest and neckseal are still two pieces of the costume that have never been reproduced as close to the originals as most other parts of the costume now are by various members here, like armor, helmet, belts and blasters, etc.


Thanks for the help guys!! I already started sewing it with the gloss side out so I will weather it heavily to reduce the shine.



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Quick question from a newbie here. I am making my first boba fett costume. I do not know how to make the vest nor do I know what to make it out of. I am only using it for halloween and I have no real need for 100% accuracy. I just need a good cheap material to make it out of. I could do it myself I just need some help in finding some stuff. Any ideas?
Pm me if you have any good ideas.