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Well I just purchased a fiberglass mystery Fett Helm and now need a visor for it. I noticed that Bobamaker has some on his website and was just wondering what people thought of them and how they were and such.
i've got a BM visor in my helmet. nice and dark. there's also the guy on ebay that sells visors. i've had some of his too, and they are also nice. they weren't as dark as the BM ones, but he posted a while ago on here saying that he was going to darken them up.
Yep, I started the post comparing the ebay ones to the BM ones. The BM is darker, but as tk7602 said, the ebay guy came on here and said he was going to darken his. Sounds like a good guy, takes criticism and improves the product. I may buy a new improved version from the ebay guy
Cool thanks guys. Thats what I thought too. All his stuff looks really nice but I thought I would check with the experts. Soooo now I just have to find out how to attach it. Any suggestions?
Thanks CaptJono.

I like using shade 5 welding visors myself because they're thin, easy to cut, and bend nicely to the interior curvature of the helmet. Plus the fact I can go into town and get one asap is nice. But if I wanted to buy a precut visor, without a doubt I'd go with a BM.(y)

As far as visor attachments...the way I did my BKBT is pretty intensive and requires a lot of prep/finish work. But I know that someone in the Boba Helmet forum recently came up with a real user friendly application using some kinda nuts and screws. I did a quick look for the thread but couldn't find it. I'll do a better search and if I find it I'll post a link.
Yep, that's the one! Thanks john.django for finding that thread...I couldn't for some reason. But I knew it had to be the amazing skills of either Spidey or Evan.

I thought that was a real ingenious way and much easier application for installing a removable visor than drilling holes through the front of a helmet which requires a lot of work:confused ...however I do like the finished look of the acron nuts that my helmet's interior has.

If it were me, I'd use the nuts that Spidey uses, install some threaded screw posts in them and then use the acorn nuts with some very thin washers. But that's just me. Right now I've got brass acorn nuts and washers in my BKBT and I think it looks cool.8)
I got one of T-Visor.com's newer darker visors, and its just as dark as the BM (I have a BM too). The problem I think is that it just appears lighter because its a different color. The BM is a purplish tint, and the T-Visor.com is smoke... I think it may trick the eye, but when its in the helmet, theres not much difference at all (if any).

The BM has a nicer cut and curve, but its slightly spotty in some places. The T-Visor.com is crystal clear, but seems to have a wide curve and will need some trimming to fit properly. Could be the helmet that I'm using it in though.

To be honest, I think that one is just as good as the other when you weigh the pros and cons of each. They are both very nice visors, you can't go wrong with either one.

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