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I've got a SgtFang helmet and I saw that t-visor.com has some nice, dark t-visors. Has anyone bought one of these and what size should I get?
Not having bought from that site before, I would make a paper pattern, measure it and see which one is the best fit? Make sense?

Hopefully someone with the same bucket that has bought there could let you know.
i ordered one from him off his ebay auctions....i m sure he said he makes them for all DP, rubies, fangs, and MS helmets etc. the size chart he has should state which one it for ur bucket... neway, its a nice soild visor and fit my DP 96 just fine like he stated...... hope that helps! :cheers
here, go to his ebay auctions and he has which size goes w/ which helmet maker. rembrandt-enterprises is his i.d. :cheers
I bought one of his for my old DP96. It was a nice visor but not quite as dark as the BM I eventually ended up getting. I believe we made a change and is now putting out a little darker visors. He is also a member here, not sure his screename though
I've had two from him. I originally got the extra large for my TF bucket, and got a regular size one with a DP'96 bucket. I ended up swapping them as I felt the regular size visor fit my TF bucket best. I like the visor alot.

i've bought from him too. the visors used to be too light, but he said on here a while back that he was darkening them up.

he was great to work with too.
He has good visors for a good price, and excellent customer service. The one thing I can see wrong is that there is no curve to the middle part. Some people said that their visors were also too light. However I do believe he fixed both of those problems.
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