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I've found a great new product for making things look like chrome without any expensive electrolytic processes. Here's some pics of my buildup. I'm not sure where the helmet originated (I got if off of ebay) so if anyone knows where I can find another one like it, let me know.

These first three photos are of the helmet with a red sandable primer, then a grey primer, then the black basecoat with three coats of clear.

Red Primer 002.jpg

Grey Primer 003.jpg

Helm Progress 028.jpg
After waiting about 8 days for the clear coat to finish off gassing, I was able to put on the chrome layer. I think this came out pretty good, but there are a few flaws. It turns out that every mistake is visible through this paint.

Chrome paint 026.jpg

Chrome paint 032.jpg

Chrome paint 027.jpg
The next step was masking and painting the blue. I'm using Rustoleum Royal Blue for the light color and Navy Blue for the darker. I'm sure it's not screen accurate, but I like the contrast and the chrome is too bright as it is. It actually looks to be really close with a flash.

Masking 001a.jpg

Masking with blue 001a.jpg

First (Royal) Blue 002a.jpg

First (Royal) Blue 010a.jpg
The chrome paint that I used is a product called Mirrachrome made by Alsa Corporation.

Here's a link to their page for it:

It's a little on the pricey side, but it takes very little to paint one helmet (less than 1/4 ounce) and there's nothing like it anywhere else.

The good part is all you need to apply it is a regular automotive HVLP Spray Gun or a dual action airbrush. I haven't tried it with my little cheapo Testors airbrush, but it would probably work passably well.

The trick to it is that it must be applied over a perfect gloss finish. Every little mistake you make in the prep work will show up in the final product. Here's a pic of a spot on the back where I buffed out a run in the clear coat:

Chrome paint 044POST.jpg
The other nice thing about it is that it's dry within about 30 seconds of coming out of the spray gun. No buffing. No elbow grease. Just wait a few days and clearcoat it with any automotive clear and the finish is just as tough as the paint on a new car.
Anyway, I just wanted to show off my progress so far. I've got a little more to do with rattle cans and then I can weather it a little, put all the bells and whistles inside, and call it done.
Don't forget the visor! And fans! Ahh fans... That paint looks awsome! But RnB is a tad bit cheaper. That really does look great though! Great job dude! What other parts do you have of a Jango costume?
I have the visor cut and I tested it for fit before painting. I figured it would be easier to epoxy putty it into place after everything's painted rather than spend time masking it over and over.

I also have a pre-wired cpu fan for ventilation. I hollowed out a channel in the left earpiece so fresh air will be drawn in from the bottom edge of the helmet. I'm not too sure how well this will work (might not be a big enough duct) so I may end up adding some half round tubing on the inside too.

I'm also looking for a football helmet replacement liner so I can have something a little nicer than the weatherstripping I used in my boba helmet. I also coated the inside of my boba helmet with a rubberizing product called Plasti-Dip. It's designed to replace damaged rubber grips on pliers and whatnot. I like the effect and I'll be using it for the interior of this helmet as well. There's not much padding value, but it makes it a little quieter when some idiot taps on the back of your helmet to see if it's really metal.

Lastly, I'm installing a black drawstring neckseal that will velcro in so nobody can look up into the bottom of the helmet.

I'll probably only keep this helmet to display with the rest of my collection, so I doubt I'll spend too much time on any other bells and whistles.

I'm still toying with the idea of making the rest of the jango costume, but it will have to wait until after I finish the boba costume.

Regardless, I'm spraying the other (navy) blue today so I should have more progress photos to post in the next day or so.
With regards to handling the paint, once you apply a clearcoat, it's as tough as the paint on your car. It will show fingerprints and they can be wiped off. If you don't clear coat the chrome paint, you still have to try pretty hard to mar the surface.

The manufacturer recommends that you wipe off excess metallic dust from spraying within minutes after the paint goes on. I was a little nervous about doing this (what paint could possibly be dry in less than five minutes) but it turns out that it works out fine. This stuff is also very pliable. On the company website they showcase leather clothing and upholstery that has been painted with the same stuff. I'm thinking about painting my car with it.
I've painted the other (Navy) blue. I think it might be just a bit too dark and I didn't do such a great job with the masking, so I'll probably be doing some touch up with a brush. Then it's time for another clear coat and final assembly.

Both Blues 010.jpg
That's looking great! You're a great painter bro! That jet pack in the background looks really awsome aswell! Got any more pictures of that? If you painted your car like that, that would be so friggin pimp!

EDIT: Post numero 567! ... Well I thought it was cool!
I posted a pic of the jet pack in the show off your jet pack thread, but here's the picture again. I think I went a bit overboard on the weathering, but without making it so grungy, the colors just looked too bright.

Finished painting 008.jpg
That jet pack is not too shabby, the colors need just a little fine tuning but it looks like it coming along quite nicely. Good luck to ya! :)
:) looking great!! both the bucket and the pack...

but overdone the weatehring?? I thought it was a bit 2 clean :p
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