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Hi all. I have a question:

When sewing your velcro to your vest, is it always common practice to sew the FELT side onto the vest? I ask this, because I'm almost out of velcro, and the guy who made my armor attached felt velcro to the armor. I'll have to buy more.

Now, I'd rather have the felt sides on the vest, for washing. The plastic hooks may get damaged in the dryer. Has anyone successfully done this "reverse" velcro placement?

Also, has anyone used the industrial velcro, with the sticky back? I used that to place the pieces, but I think the glue could pose a bigger problem.

Trying to be patient, and not do things wrong.;)
I had the same question about the inustrial-strength with the sticky back. I think that may be a bit of a problem to sew to the vest, as it may gum up the needle with the adhesive.
I've heard that sewing the corners holds them on fine. I didn't hear of any problems from washing it.
My suggestion is to try to take out the felt side of the velcro from the armor and replace it for the plastic hooks side. The felt side is good for the vest, in case you need to wash it. My armor came already with the plastic side attached, but still I'm using magnets to attach it to the vest. Well, I have a primary method of attaching the armor to the vest, and a back up as the secondary (velcro).

If you leave the 'hook' side of the velcro on the vest, it will attach to all kinds of things in your washer and dryer unless you wash it by itself. You could always just pay a few bucks and get it dry cleaned (also reducing the risk of it shrinking).

I can't remember ever seeing industrial velcro without a sticky back, so I'd sample running a piece on something other than your vest and wash it a couple of times to see if your dryer will cause the glue to gum up or not.
Well, I bought some velcro and sewed it on the vest, and replaced the fuzzy sides on the armor with Industrial hook. It seems to work perfectly.:) I just hate it when I run out ov velcro. I used two $25 boxes on my TD, I just used two $25 boxes of it on my CT, and finished the leftovers on Fett. Then had to go out and buy $15 more today for Fett. This crap's expensive.:facepalm
I too put the fuzzy side on my problem with the dryer. I bought my velcro at a dollar store, 3 feet for $1.00cdn. They have both white and black.
I actually used normal "sewing" fuzz, and the Industrial hook.

Half of each package. But stronger.;)
I didn't sew the velcro to my vest at all, and it's held for years! I just used the sticky-back industrial velcro and backed up the sticky side with the contact cement called "Goo". It hasn't come off yet. :)
I just found out something cool!

I cut a piece of the soft side of some industrial-strength velcro, and I left it in a bowl of varsol / paint thinner for about half an hour. I took it out, and wiped the back side of it with a rag, and all the sticky stuff came off! This will make it much easier to sew it to your vest without mucking up your needle :D
There's a new velcro out there. Makes Industrial velcro look wimpy.

It's Extreme velcro- advertised as strong enough for outdoor use. Gnarly stuff, and it's grey! Expensive, comes in 4" strips, but tough stuff!
So Fpoato, you used regualar soft velcro on the vest, with the industrial strength hooks on the armour? Does it hold together the same as industrial strength soft velcro? I have make sure I get this just right.
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