Stock/Gauntlet Problem


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I put my complete revamped outfit on today and walked around in it awhile showed my Dad etc. only problem I had was the blaster stock is stratching the paint off the right gauntlet because its bulky and sticks out. Any way to avoid this? Or just let it tear up I dont see a way around it.
When you painted the gauntelts did you put some sort of a clear coat on the gauntlets? If not do so it will seal the paint in and prevent it from scratching off. If you did clear coat I am lost.
Mine rubs as well, but the wearing is on the stock, not the gauntlets. My gauntlet basecoat is silver, so if it is scratching it, it is weathering it. My stock looks very cool with scuffs on it.
It just the bulkyness that is getting on my nerves I'm thinking about cutting a piece of aluminum for the bottom part.
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