Stock Connector piece?


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Hey all,

I'm trying to piece together parts to scratch build an ESB blaster. My brother in law is a carpenter, and he said he can build the stock for me from wood. I also have a line on a pistol that looks close enough to a webley to satisfy me. My concern is connecting the stock and the pistol. I'd like to use metal for rigidity. Unfortunatley, I don't know any metal workers so I was thinking I might be able to buy one.

On to my question...

Does anyone make a connector that would allow one to attach a stock to a pistol in the real world? If so, what is that part called? I can't find anything...


i am having one laser cut for me at the moment (a friend so no cost to me). He might cut me few more but i would have to talk to him about cost.

They are cut from AutoCAD templates of the original Webleys so they would be 100% accurate (although in 4mm thick alluminium).

I will keep you posted
I cut mine from 4mm aluminum. I used the webley templete, but had to modify a little on the grip portion to fit my pistol.
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