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Would it be possible to create a single thread with all the available patterns and templates posted in one spot, so those seeking complete patterns for a character can get it all at once? The search feature on this site is awesome, but with so many people referring to templates by wizardofflight for example, it is becoming more and more difficult to find the thread where the patterns actually are located.

Maybe it is just me, but I would like to see a stickied thread for patterns and templates.

P.s. Dialup = bantha fodder :angry
Sounds like a great idea, I often refer people to the wizardofflight templates. I currently tell them to search the TDH forum, it would be so much better if I could just drop a link in the email that goes right to them.

That is a great idea. If somebody would like to make a post in this thread with all the Boba links and to what they are and then all the Jango links and what they are, I will do the sticky part. :)
I think I have broken all of them down into there sub groups. If I missed something, please let me know.
Holy smokes......I had no idea he had so many templates available!
Good Idea and thanks CD for compiling that list. Can't believe I missed those stencils either.......Awesome work!
Thank you.
I know the topic has come up in several variations at different times. Glad it finally got done. And of all the ways that have been suggested to do it, this makes the most sense. Great job everyone that contributed to getting this done.
I don't think that I have ever see all the links at once before. Am I a total Fett Geek or what?!:lol:

Thank you CD for collecting them all together and asok for putting them in a sticky. This should help out the new folks a lot! I am trying to go through and make sure that the links are still live and to update those that are not. But if anyone finds a bad link please let me know via a PM so I can fix it.

This is wonderful! All in one place and now with TDH and Mercs, I have the helmet printed out :lol: I hope to do a good job putting it together! Great work to all:cheers
asok was kind enough to split these out into separate sticky threads in the appropriate forums, so please link to those threads instead of this one. The forum-specific sticky threads will stay updated over time, unlike this one.

Sticky: Boba Fett ESB Helmet Paint Stencils
Sticky: wizardofflight and other's Boba Fett Helmet Templates

Sticky: wizardofflight and other's Boba Fett Armor Templates

Sticky: Boba Fett Soft Parts Templates

Sticky: wizardofflight's Boba Fett Blaster and Shin Tools Templates

Sticky: wizardofflight and other's Rocket Pack Templates
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