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never ending fett

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I don't know if this has been thought of or discussed before but I thought I'd throw it out there.

I was thinking of a sticky thread in the cargo hold to review sellers/buyers/transactions. I know most people are great to work with, but this would be good for newer members, to look at people's comments about them before they buy from them and for not so new members to review newer members transactions before selling to them. I also know that not everyone takes the time to leave feedback but it still could work.

Any thoughts?(y)(n)

Star Wars Chick

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We have thought about that but the problem is opinions are going to vary and feelings are likely to get hurt. While one person might have a terrific experience with a seller or buyer, someone else might not and arguments are likely to ensue from each side trying to explain what happened and to defend themself (as there are always 2 sides to the story). It's a great idea and I would love to find a way to implement it and not cause problems but since we are such a tight knit community who know one another personally (unlike on ebay where you really don't know one another) but we've yet to figure out a way we could do this without there being bad blood.

Boba Fett

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Well I honestly think that it is a great idea. Something like a buyer/seller feedback forum. Sure there are going to be disagreements but that is life. I think that it is more a helpful tool for people that are buying from someone so that they have a semi idea of what to expect.


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How about a list of the sellers with a rating system, instead of comments? Like a numerical scale of 1 to 10, and buyers can rate them but cant leave "offensive" comments and such. Buyers should only be able to rate it one time per username to ensure theres no extra ratings from the same username that can fool people. However, the only flaw with that, is that sellers can get better or worse, and ratings from continual buyers may want to change based on their expierience. Just an idea.



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I was just thinking something along the same lines tubachris. A system where you don't know who sent the review. It could still have it's flaws however... I like the concept none-the-less!

never ending fett

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I was thinking something along those lines as well, but I've been out of town for the weekend and couldn't post it.

What I'm thinking is a thread that you list only 1.) a description of the transaction 2.) a number rating 1-10 in several categories and 3.) a number rating of the overall transaction.

Rules are 1.) no adjectives describing the person or the transaction -- only a technical description. example of what NOT to do: "this was a horrible transaction" or "never deal with member X he's horrible to work with" 2.) only 2 posts allowed per transaction one from the buyer and one from the seller.

An example of a post would be: (this is a random and hypothetical transaction)

TRANSACTION DESCRIPTION: Purchase of ROTJ gauntlets by me from member X

Communication before sale 7
Communication after sale 6
Speed of shipment 9
Item was well packed 8
Condition of item 7
Item was as described 9
Overall Transaction 8


Any more thoughts?

Art Andrews

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These are excellent ideas but also a very slippery slope as this very openly advertises who is selling items. Yes, one can see this in the Cargo Hold but making a list is in some ways offering up our sellers to potential C&D or lawsuits and I would be concerned about anything that exposes them any more than they are now.