Starting a ESB plastic Helm

Da Bucket

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Well first off I would just like to introduce myself and say hello to everyone. I have been trolling these forums for the past six months, and have finally decided to go ahead and start work on a fett costume. I decided to naturally start with the helmet. To make the helmet I thought I would use plastic from indoor trash cans, and use the templates provided here p:// Though before I get started I was wondering if anyone had any tips for making this type of helmet? O and I plan on doing this ESB style. Well that’s about it, and thanks for any advice.
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Mojo Fett

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Welcome to the Dent Da_Bucket... (y)
I used WOF's templates which think was that was used in the thread... some members used a 'Batting helmet to start with and get the dome right? I used a skateboarding lid...
using bin plastic should be ok but not as forgiving as 'Sintra' IMO.
Keep us posted on progress...