started my first custom mando

tyrant b

i stared my first custom mando this morning i now have 2 breast plates 2 shoulder bells and 1 diamond my armor plates are unique im doing a tattoine based mando

name: zon`tiro sonub



sex: male

height: 5'10

eye color: brown

political affiliation:free lance bounty hunter / mercenary

weopan(s) of choice: mandalorian battle armor and pb fs mk1 blaster(s)

vehicle of choice:custom modified arc 170 the dark avenger

tyrant b


this is his blaster


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Yay! Another Brit Custom Mando! That makes 5 or 6 of us (y) I troop in my Mando as part of the Knights Of The Empire often in or around Manchester, did Ashton Sci-Fi a couple of months back and have Collectormania GMEX in Nov to name but a few. I look forward to seeing your progress and perhaps trooping alongside you when you're done.


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the plates will be red and jump suit an vest black

Red and black and based in Tatooine? Not very friendly colors on a desert planet with two suns. Id be rocking some desert colors so I could fight the heat of the sun a bit and blend into the dunes like a ghost. It got to 151 degrees in Iraq, trust me when I tell you, a Mando wouldnt want to be wearing black out there.
Then again maybe you have a kick arse AC built in hehehe.