started ammo pouches.


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here is preliminary pix of my ammo pouch. I am using leather with TK-409 template. Except I changed it some and have it so I can use the pouches.



I should have about enough left over leather to make maybe two sets of pouches. I might be able to cut out design and let someone have them in kit form. Just sew it up.
Very cool.
My ammo belt is out of vinyl … I didn’t find leather.
Leather is more impressive than any synthetic material, even if I believe that the true belt used in the movies was out of vinyl.

I don't care, your pouch looks amazing! :cheers
Thanks. Once I get it done I will get pix of it. Then the completed belt. I am also trying to make the stitches look a little uneven. to make it look like it was made by a bachelor Fett you could say.
well I got the pouches cut out now comes the fun task of sewing them all. I have enough leather to do at least 1 more set maybe 2. If anyone is interested let me know.
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