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Hi folks,

Today the kneearmor from starfortress arrived and as I remember some discussions about the itmes of starfortress in this forum, I though I might post some pics.

At first I have to mention that the current guy handling starfortress Anton is very kind and helpful. So it was really a pleasure doing business with him, as there were some discussions about former problems with sf too.

These fibreglass kneepads are quiet accurate (only noticed two missing graved lines) in shape. Also the kneedarts (mine are "only" the basic version) are very fine worked out plastic pieces, which can be ordered as aluminium pieces as deluxe version.
The elastic strap is already build in and is strong (but which I think I will cut and add snap fastener, so it can be redirected into the suit and closed there).
They even integrated a piece of velcro.
The paintjob, though being silver instead of chrom, is very well and smooth done too.

The one and only flaw is, that my kneepads are a little bit too tight (admfrancis experienced it too with his sf kneeparts).

Does anybody know how to bend fibreglass a little without risking to break it?

sf kneepad 1.JPG

sf kneepad 2.JPG

sf kneepad 3.JPG

sf kneepad 4.JPG

sf kneepad 5.JPG
:D whoohoo!! that does look great!
hmm... dont go with this mehtod untill ur certain... cause i dont know... but wont heating it up with a paintstriper/hot air gun do the trick??

as i said, dont try this just yet... let the pros awnser ya :p
I was able to reshape my fiberglass armor by placing it in the oven at 250 degrees for 1 minute at a time. After heating for 1 minute remove it, reshape the piece and hold it in position while you put it under the sink and cool it with water. This will freeze it into postion. I think tk409 posted something similar.
Your going to want to glue those straps down a little better then what SFP did, trust me. I used mine and about 30 mins into having them on the strap poped.
I got the ones with aluminum darts. They are much heavier and required a better strap solution. The first thing I did was cut his straps and epoxy some snaps toward the front. I can pass my straps with snaps through the jumpsuit and connect on either side I want. I also put a snap at the bottom of the front and attach it directly to the jumpsuit. Since these are pretty heavy, it keeps them from flipping up as you walk. I have worn them this way now to many events and have never had a problem once.
Well, I wore the right one (it's a little bit wider than the left) for a while now testing it.
The straps on my are pretty well glued on. in fact they are also covered with another layer of filler (resin? epoxy? bondo?) which has to break first before the strap can get off, so perhaps sf did improove it after having those problems you've reported.
Also the flipping-up problem should be no problem with this piece of velcro attached anymore.

Hm, I guess I will try it with Rednaves bending method but will wait till tomorrow. Perhaps someone has another genius idea until then. :)
Believe it or not, you can bend it with a hairdryier on high heat slowly heating it up to bend it, it takes awhile but it works. I did this with hte neck armor
Many thanx to Rednave! (y)

Your oven method worked quiet well.
Only the paint on the right one got a crack, but as they would have got another coat of paint anyway, who cares?
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