Star Wars Celebration 2019


I'll be there. Got a 5 day pass 2 shirts, a hoodie, lanyards, pin patch and booked a room at the Holiday Inn Express - Magnificent Mile yesterday. Last look, the 5 day passes are sold out....


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Yup and Friday and Saturday single days are almost sold out as well.
Friday is almost gone too? I haven't seen anything about that yet. I purchased a Saturday pass since they were almost gone and was planning to pick up Friday and Sunday in a couple of weeks. Damn.

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Will Sunday be just as eventful as Saturday, Sat is sold out but I still want to attend?

Also is it still possible to get Saturday tickets through resale?


Don't know about Sunday, this is my first to go to. Good luck finding tickets!
You might check your local newspaper Craigslist or see if any show up on StubHub...

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Unfortunately, It looks like i will be sitting this one out now. Was planning on it but now finances are telling me not this time. I will see you all at the next US based Celebration. Have fun everyone!

(PS i will have 4 tickets for sale once i have them in hand )
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I too may have to back out. If I end up deciding not to go, I will have 2 5-day tickets, 2 embroidered patches, and 2 lanyards up for sale. I also have a room reserved at the marriot downtown from 4/10 to 4/16 that I will see if I can move to someone else.

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May have an opportunity to be there via my employer!(y)

Excited for those of you able to go. I’m from the Midwest. The Quad Cities is located 2 hours west of Chicago on the mighty Mississippi! You will love Chicago!