Star Fortress Productions

I urge everyone to spread this word, if we can get word around and stop anymore new unaware buyers from buying from him it could only be a good thing. If nothing else tell everyone who even hints at getting armor to research SFP and not buy his ****.


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As far as spreading the word goes.... GOOGLE IS OUR FRIEND!!! All it takes is to put Star Fortress Productions into Google. The first hit that isn't them is a huge *** DON'T BUY THIS!!!!!! Post :)
except that they properbly use the same strange resin (or is it the fiber?) that smells like a burning Barn full of liquid manure when you wanna drill holes in it or dremel something out.


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Thank you for the warning! I was looking at Nexus Enterprising kit - lists him as being in New York if I remember right also has a Nexus Enterprises website

I thought it was ann odd combination sexy lingerie and Star Wars kit!


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I guess there is no extradition treaty between the US and the Philippines? I would love to see this guy apprehended - it sickens me to think people unknowingly (and knowingly) pay this guy so he can hole up somewhere.


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Boy do I feel stupid. Ordered over 7 months ago and haven't heard from SF. Even emailed them but no response. Looks like I've bee duped. Even if I get my order I can just imagine the piece of junk I'll be getting in the mail.
What distresses me is they constantly **** talk the 501st about lying about them, gimme a second to laugh at that, and THEN turn around and brag about how many 501st members buy from them, and there ARE members that do, they actively support these asssholes. Personally I'd be all for a legion movement that boot anyone who knows the history and still gives $ to people who badmouth the Legion and then sell **** to them.


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Glad I found this gem of a thread. Invaluable to a newb like me. Might as well post to bump it and keep it active for other newcomers.
Im not trying to start a witch-hunt or anything, but i wish someone would make a sticky thread of people to avoid like this guy.


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I saw this thread a year or two ago when I found a listing for a clone trooper helmet from SFP on eBay. I was tempted to buy it because I wanted to gain some experience painting a prop helmet but after reading the thread I decided against it. I'm glad I did too. I still come across them on eBay from time to time so they are still out there selling their stuff.

I wonder if Johntab ever got his stuff or a refund?


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Wow. What a scumbag. I'm glad to find this post. My husband wanted to buy Biker Scout gear from him and I had reservations.


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I had no problem with Star Fortress . I bought IG helmet ,gloves flack vest leather and fiberglass and very good quality . The stuff took a little while to come because if it’s not in stock in the US it comes from over seas. (Philippines ). And as for the guy up top in the thread with that nice storm trooper armor every ones body dimensions are different . You can’t expect the armor to be a perfect fit when not being measured by a tailor before hand .Every armor wearing character in Star Wars movies wore custom tailored armor pieces to fit each body part perfectly....
Are you talking about the armour in post #14?