Blaster Split Plug (Drool)


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Received some behind the scense ESB reference on props and found this pile of split plugs on the bench in the raw. Just wanted to share.
Split Plugs.jpg
The pic is a tease. The photo is actually of some production samples for a run I will be doing soon. I will be posting information on that soon after I finalize a few things.

I think the community will be very happy with them.

Thank you my friend.

A lot of hours went into the result. I started by drawing the Hirschman plug, figuring all I need to do was change the exterior. After some initial overlays of my model using photo reference of the Hoth life scanner and Vader Reveal (which both use these plugs too), I realized pretty quickly they are different in a number of ways. So, there was quite a lot of rework to get them from the Hirschman plug to what you see now. I never really realized all the differences, but it was quite eye opening.

After having done all the research, I believe the OT plugs are cheap knockoffs if the Hirschman plugs. While the assembly design is identical, the Hirschman plugs are very refined and include a lot of precision detail, where as the PT plug is a lot simpler. There is a third plug in existence that matches the OT plug more closely but is missing some detail and is more roughly made; I believe these were descendants of the OT plugs.

All of that said, there are OT plugs that are in the possession of collectors. If anyone has one and would like to help further accurize my replica, please reach out to me.
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