CNC machined hirschmann split plugs


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I've recently added a CNC machine to my home hobby shop and one of the first things I wanted to make on it was the split plugs. I started playing around in Fusion360 and made some models and ran through the manufacturing setup and ended up with a 9 hour job to make them. The first set I made were pretty cool but I knew I could do better, but a 9 hour cycle time wasn't going to let me prove it.

I started an online CNC class just prior to the quarantine and finished it a couple of weeks ago. This gave me some huge insights on how to improve the process and this is the result. Still a 3 hour cycle time, but this will help me on my EE3 build.



After they come off the CNC machine I sand blast them to help them take paint better and remove any of the CNC machine marks. The results are pretty stunning really.

I'm curious if anyone would be interested in some as now that I have the program in place I would be able to do a run. I'm also open to suggested edits to the design if they are feasible to be machined.
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After they are machined I hit them with a sandblast to soften all the edges that I can't chamfer and also to give the surface some texture for paint to adhere to. I working on getting some painted and scratched up now and will post some pics tomorrow.


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I finally got around to putting together a video of how I machined these. I wouldn't consider this a how to as I'm brand new, self tought CNC programmer.

You did a really nice job . Keep up the great work. Great respect for taking this project on. Strong work!!! You did a great job on the video as well.