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I have decided I am not going to be cheap when it comes to the helmet. I want a good looking bucket so I am not going to be cheap about it. I will be buying a bobamaker bucket and an airbrush set.

To those more familiar with what is good and what isn't is there anything else you would suggest when creating really good helmet? I take it airbrush is the best way to go?

After deciding to do a Boba Fett suite and becoming a member of this board I am now obsessed with it. Look what you guys have done to me! :lol:
Going all out is the best way to go, might even save you money in the long run. I know Bobamaker has a resin stalk but try an aluminum stock instead, looks better if you ask me. Plus Bobamaker has good stuff so your going in the right direction. If your not good with the air brush their are some really good guys on here that can paint for a price.
Hi Furious
welcome abord
i dont own a bobamaker but i have emailed him and stuff and i deffinately intend on getting his gear it looks fabulous from the pics and the reviews on it dont let it down

in regards to airbrush's i would recommend you buy one of either 2 brushes...

1) Paasche VL is deffinately an excellent all round brush as is...
2) Badger Crescendo

both of these airbrushes are awesome for everything... painting, nails, models... whatever... try to get a set which includes all necessary attachments...

also go out and buy yourself some liquid latex from an airbrush supplier or an artists shop... this stuff is what you want for weathering your parts.

i know ebay has really really good prices on airbrushes so deffinately check on there

best of luck mate

thanks for the responses. I will hopefully be ordering the helmet within the next week. When I get going on all this I will try and post some of my progress for everyone's critiques...that way I can try and make it the best possible.
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