Source for Jango Braided Belt FOUND

Originally I would've gone with natural then dyed it myself but now that I take another look, the red-brown does look pretty good.
...and all the people who hand-braided their belts go.... "OH CRAP!"

NICE FIND MAN!!! I dont think it gets ANY better or more accurate than that! I think perhaps this thread should be stickied or merged into the already stickied belt thread.

The real deal.

The braided rope.

Any difference? I cant see much of a difference, besides maybe the lighting, they are pretty much exactly the same. Nice find!
Awesome find, Foxbatkllr.

What do you all think of Antique Dark Brown? That one looks
more accurate to me than the Red Brown? Any thoughts?
Thanks...but the Antique Dark Brown isn't available in its worthless...

The only two colors available in 6mm (1/4") is the Natural and Red-Brown.
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