Source for Jango Braided Belt FOUND


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Originally I would've gone with natural then dyed it myself but now that I take another look, the red-brown does look pretty good.


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...and all the people who hand-braided their belts go.... "OH CRAP!"

NICE FIND MAN!!! I dont think it gets ANY better or more accurate than that! I think perhaps this thread should be stickied or merged into the already stickied belt thread.

The real deal.

The braided rope.

Any difference? I cant see much of a difference, besides maybe the lighting, they are pretty much exactly the same. Nice find!

Joren Fett

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Awesome find, Foxbatkllr.

What do you all think of Antique Dark Brown? That one looks
more accurate to me than the Red Brown? Any thoughts?


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Thanks...but the Antique Dark Brown isn't available in its worthless...

The only two colors available in 6mm (1/4") is the Natural and Red-Brown.