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Ok I was wondering something.. I got this pic (I have not idea where I got it from either, but im sure I got it from someone from here) that’s the "ORGINAL" JP from ROTJ.
Now this slash/damage across the back, how did that get here?

damaged_backpack, Real PACK.jpg
That's the damage that Han's spear thingy (I know the correct term but y mind is mush at the mo) does to it to make him fly off into the Sarlacc.

I think they used it for the entire movie, just tried not to show it.
Brak's Buddy posted that photo originally. It is not the original ROTJ jet pack. It was a stunt pack made when Nikkto hits Fett with a laser blast that damages his pack. The damage can be seen when Han hits the pack with the staff-thingy.
I knew there was something here about that here. I just didnt remember who put it up. But I was thumbing along my pics I have saved from TDH and I saw this pic. I drew the red around the damage I wasent sure if someone had seen it on this pic before or not.

(sorry about the crappy pic)


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