so quick question


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this may sound silly now I should be getting my Fetthunter wookiee braids either today or tomrrow( cant wait) (now the silly part) whats the best way to attach them???

Scott Kaufmann

The Dent
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TeamFett is right though my agulets that I used when I was a flight commander in ROTC had a pin setup on it as well to keep it secure.


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Oh I know what your talking about, the little loop thats sewn on at the top, I meant in the general fashion of its position. When I went off to a two week ceromonial Honor Guard training for the sea cadets, we had to wear these obviously, in our dress whites. Unfortunatly, the agulet they gave me had the loop, meant for the pin, ripped off, because they were old, and reused :angry, so I had to improvise, but fortunatly, I only wore it for one inspection and graduation. Looked fine though when I attached it. Im just saying because even though the braids (too me) look similar in fashion to the agulets and that it dosnent have a loop, pretty much like in my experience, you can still do the same attachment method. stick a small safety pin through the top, and stick it in on where you need it, but out of sight.