So has anyone worked on their costume?


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Got the 5-6 oz weight. Seems stiff enough to hold its shape, yet it is pliable. The 4-5 oz seemed just a little to thin, though I'm sure it would've been easier to work with...

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I am gonna use my 2oz for the laces of the second skirt i am making. Hopefully it's thin enough for the holes of the skirt squares. I will keep ya posted if it works. By the way, make sure you air on the bigger side of the 2 inches when making your skirt squares. It's easy to go inside the line rather than outside, when you use the strap cutter.


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Baddblood wrote:

I'm going to make a sexy male Zam for next year's Dragon-con.

:eek: :eek:

Okay... any further hints for us on that one? ;)

BTW... got the lacing leather (also 2 oz), now it just needs to be cut up... My first attempts at testing out the lacemaker were.. um... *blushes* rather flimsy looking. :D Practice makes perfect eh? Hope my hide (both the leather and my own!) last through the process! :D
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Figured I'd post this here since it seems like the right thread...

Tonight I finally got around to doing the mock-up for my Zam top - using the patterns I got from ZamIAm's seamstress. I used a stretch denim (similar stretch to the neoprene) to construct it and found that I have a few alterations I need to make.

The biggest problem is that the front and back do not lay anywhere near flat - it reminds me of a warped board. It just seams almost too big in that area. The shoulder seams also are not on my shoulder, so that looks kind of funny as well (okay, really funny since on the actual costume you can barely see the seams). One other thing I may have have to correct are the lower section of the sleeves. I can just barely get my hand through it, so I may have to tapper that seam off a bit.

That was my excitement for the evening...that and the flat tire I got. :p

Another mock up will come soon...heh...

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I finally got my measurements out to the seamstress and according to Delivery Confirmation, she received them. :) So hopefully I'll get the patterns and can get working on the suit. :)