So has anyone worked on their costume?

Zam I Am

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I know that some people have to have painted greebs, or sumthin! KimnCris and Wookie and I and Dallas can't be the only ones who have some parts done. Come on peeps! We want pics! We want Pics! :D Fettsbounty, you out there? I know you have some stuff...You too Hothgirl & Moncal! Time to show off sumthin!
I'm MAKING a new work area :) As Zam I Am/Ain't can attest to - i have a VERY small work space right now... but i'm building a new garage right now (I'm taking a short break)... and once it's done - and my new fandangled work area is in it - then i can get back to Zammin'...

As it is now - i have 2 helmet and gauntlet sets cast up... I'm going to cast up 4 more before i go onto the next step of cleaning em up and assembling them.

I have all the brims cut n' dyed though ;)

Hopefully i can actually get some other parts made up soon - so i can move on with the full costume. Sheesh - it's been almost a year now since I went to Australia - i thought i'd have more done by now.. sucks how real life creeps in and steals yer time away.

Dustin Crops Boy wrote:

i thought i'd have more done by now.. sucks how real life creeps in and steals yer time away.

Are you a mind reader DCB? I was just thinking the same thing!! :D

Wish I could make a new "Zamming" area! ;) *sighs* The area I cleaned out is just a corner of my office where I can do things that aren't too messy. Messy stuff requires the garage and I'm just waiting for it to cool off here.. still too durned hot to do anything out there!

Can't wait to see the goodies DCB! Remember what I said at D*C! Count me in on anything you make! :D :D
Well, I've been working my ass of here the last few days becuause I had a star wars convention today. And I finished it just in time (a lot of imporovised stuff though) And a lott of parts weren't ready yet, but I decided to put it on anyway. And I even won the 3rd prize in the costume contest. I'll post pics later, I've just gotten back and I'm a little tired right now.
I know Kimmy's been collecting the parts and they've been sitting in boxes for now. We plan on digging them out and actually working on them this winter. ;)

Dallas, PM me with costs on the parts you'll be making to sell now that you're casting them up, please. :)
Well, here is a pic of my costume, it's not really finished yet, I'm missing a lot of parts, but it's just an impression.
Very nice! Great job so far. The only thing I would like to note, your universal key is on the wrong leg. I liked how your skirt turned out too. What oz. weight did you decide to use? And, was it veg tanned, or something else?
Oh right, it's the first time I noticed that it was on the wrong leg! I'll have to change that next time I wear it. And for the skirt I just used quite thick artificial leather and painted it purple and it turned out just fine. I'll post more pictures later, when I get them because I forgot my camera :(
wow Gaeriel,
your suit is coming along nicely!!
Did you do the sewing yourself? it looks really good!

ZIA, I wish I could show something but things just haven't been moving along as planned. I had really wanted to make halloween be the deadline on this thing but that ain't happenin' ;)

Since I've been working out of town, it's been extremely difficult. I think I'm going to pack up my mold and plastic and stuff and try to get some shins casted up where I'm staying. I need to get the plastic used up anyway because it's starting to cure on its own. It doesn't seem to have a real long shelf life :(
I forgot to ask how your shins held up. Did you have any problems with them? You can pm me and I guess we can talk there ;) that is if I can check in within a week or so.

take care,
The pics are working now, I edited all your bb codes. Please read them before posting pics. There is an option on the left side of your screen on how to post images when posting. You have to use brackets not greater than and less than signs. That way, I don't have to be a zam janitor... :D

Can you give us a better shot of your hose? What type of hose did you use?

Oh, btw, nice edits :D your arm greeb is also on the wrong side. Think everything on the LEFT side ;) Leg greeb, arm greeb. 'cept for your holster of course. Nice shot with the LOTR guy.
Yeah, next time I'll bring a pic of zam, so I can see where she wears everything! I still have to make a lot of modifications, but it's coming along, oh and for the hose I just went to a gardening centre (I don't know how it's called in english) where they also sell hoses for a pump (you know those things they use in ponds, to keep them clean), god my english is crap in these gardening- things. They had different sizes and you could cut off as much as you needed, and it only cost about $2 for both hoses. And what part of the hose do you want to see, there really isn't much to show, it's a normal hose.
Oh and those links to the left don't work on my computer, I think there's something wrong, my computer won't open javascripts.
I have a few items done, mostly have been on hold due to budget. I have got most of my greebs, I made a leather tail, but I am unhappy with the final look and will make another. I have my beads, and my hose connectors too. I have tried to make my shoulder/chest armor out of 1/8" aluminum, but they are not perfect, yet. I can get pictured soon.
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