sniper rifle base


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Sorta looks like the one I posted, but that stock looks longer than mine.

Should work.

Edit: Here's the picture:

It used to have the gold bans around the barrel and the stock and had the same orange tip. I think it was my brother's gun when he was a kid.

There's no brand or anything on mine, just has Davy Crockett on the stock and a sticker that says something like "Made in America, by Americans".
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Looks ok to me apart from the silver (we paint it black) breech plates. A greeblie hides them anyway though
The stock is more curved too. Looks almost graceful.

You could sand them down anyway?

Here's a real one and yours



Your stock would need a lot of work plus you'd be missing the loading rod basket. (thing underneath)


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ya...i suppose the cheaper way isnt always the better way..LOL:lol:

probably just breakdown and spend the 100 on ebay