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...as some of you know...I am have been collecting the parts to make a Jango Fett...while I was at the shop, with John's help, I learned how to sculpt using foam...its fairly easy to use and unfortunately extremely fragile...you sand and shape the foam then hardcoat the sculpt and then sand it to get a silicone mold of your work...the height issues are not really a concern when getting the silicone mold and the foam was just cut-out that way...blame john :lol:

...I am not really going for the whole 'accuracy' thing...just more of a learning thing...just thought I would post progress as I get going along too show others what a complete novice can do for their costuming needs...


PS anyone that wishes to debate the accuracy issues please hold your tongue as I am not trying to begin a debate regarding how accurate these sculpts are...



If your first steps of this learning experiment are any indication I am completely and utterly jazzed to see how your future completed armor is going to turn out when you get in more practice! :love

Anyone can accomplish anything with hard work and a little GQ moxie. ;)

Keep up the good fight bro! (y)
alll wrong!! start over again. or let me help you!

Just messing.

Man I need to visit John's shop one of these days.

I wanna learn too.
SEEKER said:
alll wrong!! start over again. or let me help you!

Just messing.

Man I need to visit John's shop one of these days.

I wanna learn too.

...lol...you can start by lending me a few of those elves that you have pumping out all of the Seeker stuff...

...as far as learning I think you are more of Gate class level and I am still on using my fingers for addition ;)

...definitely one day it can be set-up for that...you would be amazed at all of the things that they can do there...simply awesome...I think what I am more afraid of is that we will open the doors and you would just dissappear :lol:

John’s shop sounds like the batcave and fortress of solitude all rolled into one. I so want to visit his lair. :D

A costume and prop builder's utopia indeed. :love
...Andy you know it ;)

...i am still working on those BLS t-shirts...:)

Later Bro
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Hehehe!! :eek: :love

I'm working on it as well at the moment. Hint, hint. ;)

Talk to ya soon bro!

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...Hey Cruzer...will see what we can do for ya ;)

...and JD...John said there is a FG material that can be used with the silicone molds...so being totally new I will have to see what happens...ever since I started using your FG armor I have stayed away from Vac-form armor...it just feels cheap in comparison to the stuff that you do for us :)

...all in all its just something fun to try out...still amazes me how people can create something out of nothing...

Take care
Lewis :cheers
Fiberglass can be run in silicone molds, but the surface needs to be washed with acetone, to remove the sticky residue. The knees are a perfect example of gelcoated fiberglass run in silicone molds. Most of my molds are made from fiberglass, like the pieces but thicker. That's why the surface finish is so nice, right out of the molds. I only use silicone molds for fiberglass as a last resort.

Keep up the fine work there. I look forward to seeing more pics of your progress. (y)
....thanks bro...

...also appreciate the input on your findings when using these materials...I have ZERO experience w/these things and its more for learning than anything else and possibly hooking up local peeps that cannot afford armor ;)

Take care
...it was some sort of hardshell...it is applied w/a brush and then it hardens relatively quick...I did about 4-5 coats on each piece then lightly sanded the parts...

...I am going to be adding some bondo to get a better curve in areas that I feel need a tad bit more...then will Primer the pieces and wetsand them before getting the silicone molds done...

Take care
Lewis :)
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