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Anyone know WHERE! i could find sintra?!?!??! because if not i cant live off some 7 dollar trashcans and well if i cant find any well this sounds wierd but Im going to go back to cardboard :puke and well if not quarter inch WOOD!

And please help and drop me a line of where i could find SOME! :confused :confused :confused

EDIT:whoops posted at wrong page! please move me to propbuilding methods :)
What you want to do is call around some plastic shops in your area. What you are looking for is a Sheet of PVC plastic sheeting. Comes in lots of color usually and will come in a 4'x8' sheet so you'll want to see if they can cut if for you before you pick it up.
Just ordered some and well it should get here quick considering that im in PA so YAY!

The sheets i ordered are 2 feet wide and 4 feet tall i think or its the other way around
Hey any of you know what I could use to cut this sintra with? Because i Have A bunch of cuting tools and i just dont know what to use A dremel? Hobby sisors? or what?
The best investment you can make is a dremmel, also get the extention, ( the one that can be held like a pen). Oh and don't forget you safety glasses when using this.
You cut sintra with a handheld razorblade knive. Score it then break it off where you have scored it then trim it with sandpaper.
The tool you're looking for is a utility knife. They also come in variations such as a linoleum knife, I believe the carpenters knife is the same. It's the steel handle with the slide trigger that slides the trapezoidal razor blade out.
Well the stuff i got is like quarter inch thick! and if you want to know put to CD's togeter and look at the thickness of those two and thats how thick it is
The thickness will not matter. You should lightly score the line you want to follow and after three or four passes (with a new, sharp, blade) you will be thru the product. I used one of my fall-off pieces for a cutting surface to protect my floor, etc.

ALSO..BECAREFUL!!! Use both hands to control the blade, take your time. If it is still slow going, go outside and heat the area with a heat gun (beware toxic fumes) then it'll cut like a hot knife thru butter.
hey i am new to this site and i am getting into making props and i was wondering first is sintra a good plastic to work with can it crap/break easily can it be molded easily and what gauge would be the best for making armor
A normal saw cuts sintra look a hot knive through butter... then you could always use the dremel or a file to trim the edges and then use sandpapper to smoothen it out..
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