Sintra made flame thrower

phantom viper

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I have recently made this flame thrower for my gauntlets. It still needs to be cleaned up.
<img src=>
<img src=>
Very nice job Phantom Viper!! (y)
Is there a bottom on those yet? How did you make it? I'm going to have to make this piece for my sintra jango gauntlets so any info is appreciated. :)
Thanks guys:D

There is a bottom on the longer body but I have yet to put a bottom on the end piece. I first made a template on my computer then printed it out and laid it on the sintra sheets and traced them with a box cutter. I had to do some trimming to the pieces to get them to fit evenly. I forgot to compensate for the . 120" thickness of the sintra when making the templates. But it was not that hard to trim the pieces to fit. For the main body I glued the top and bottom pieces in between the side pieces and for the end emitter piece I glued the top and bottom pieces on top of the side pieces. That way the emitter fits in between the main body for a good fit. I did have to trim the emitter piece to make it even with the bottom.But i have now changed the template so you could glue the top and bottom emitter pieces in between the sides. I used super glue to glue it together. That was a pain in the but. I glued my fingers together a few times before I was finished:lol: After I got the pieces together I used a glue gun to reinforce the sides. You may use the templates if you wish. If you have any other questions feel free to ask and i will try to answer as good as i can:D

this is what i mean by in between
<img src=>

Here is the templats with some mods. so hopefully it will be easyer to use.
<img src=>
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