sintra gauntlets



well after recieveing some templates for sintra gauntlets,
i discovered that the angles were horribly off and it was impossible to work with.
i decided to make my own templates to start on my gantlets.
so with leftover scrap from making a cod piece i was able to make this,
a partially completed right gauntlet complete with machined dart (made by me also)
im very happy with the way it turned out and i especially like the double cuff design.

comments greatly appreciated.


Jodo Kast 2749

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Hey thunder, sorry I never got back to your PM. My templates do require some trimming but I haven't had the time to make the revisions. (or much else for that matter)

Your pics look awesome!!! Even better that you did the templates yourself. Keep up the great work! Those look damn near machine cut the lines are so clean.


haha thanks! its jsut the angles on your templates are too wide, your arm would have to be at least 28 inches in diameter to fit them so yea...

anyways, thanks for the kind words