sintra chest armor forming


So I'm going the sintra route. I've cut out all the pieces I need, but forming them is the biggest pain in the ass I've encountered in this project so far. for example, with the chest armor, I heated each piece in the oven individually until soft and pliable. As many have suggested, I molded these pieces against my torso and then cooled them in cold water. I've done this about four times now, and each time they come out a little lumpy. is my technique screwed up or will i need to sand these to even out the outter surface?
I used the boiling water technique.The pot I had wasnt large enough to dip the whole piece, so did it in parts.I did notice that if I didnt heat it up enough, it would leave ripples in the bend.My suggestion if you use the boiling water technique, is to heat it up to where the sintra is floppy.
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