Sidearm / Holster set or molds for sale.


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Quoted from TDH's own Code of Conduct ...

Fettpride said:
Copying or duplicating, any item, with or without modification, without consent from the license holder, original creator, original artist, trademark holder, or copyright holder IS recasting. Deliberately recasting another member’s creation without consent is not supported by this community.


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I can't see where in that long list you're the license holder of the Nemrod holster, the original creator of the Nemrod hoslter, the original artist of the Nemrod holster, the trademark holder of the Nemrod holster or the copyright holder of the Nemrod holster.

Art Andrews

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I had the member contact the admins on TDH about casting it. The response was:

A found part does not fall under recasting rules. Whether original, repaired, or modified. Only original works or original interpretations/sculpts.

Based on PMs, I believe I know who told you this and that individual 1) is not an admin and 2) even if they were, this is not our stance regarding recasting. We do not allow recasts of other member's work, even if it is from a found part without that member's approval.

I am not sure when or where our stance on this became confused, but for the sake of clarity, let me quote our official position:

Copying or duplicating, any item, with or without modification, without consent from the license holder, original creator, original artist, trademark holder, or copyright holder IS recasting. Deliberately recasting another member’s creation without consent is not supported by this community.

I am assuming the confusion came from the part which states: "recasting another member’s creation without consent is not supported by this community" and someone took 'creation' to mean original sculpture. This is not the case.

Ive seen copies of my webley float around that I didnt make, and I have seen a few HIC's that have blemishes from my molds in resin,, so I know recasting of cast items happens readily here. The items are found parts. Thats the risk I took making them. And if they can do it better and cheaper than I do, good for them,

While you may be ok with this type of recasting on a personal level, as a community, we don't support it. If you brought us evidence of a member recasting either your Webley or HiC, we would stop them from actively selling it here and/or at the RPF.

If you see me dissapear, you know why.

There is no need for you to disappear. There was clearly a misunderstanding due to you being given some bad information and the situation was exacerbated by the previous issues you and FP have had with one another. While I am sure it is frustrating and I know you are out $$$, we can't support you selling these here as they are recasts of Chris' work.


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But has been proven it's a recast of the FP one? Why can't it be a cast of an original Nemrod holster?

It doesn't surprise me at all that you take this stance :)

But to answer your question as amiable as possible, there are many "tells" incorporated into my mold/castings that simply cannot
be replicated by chance. I'm sure you're all too familiar with other individuals touting their "tells" as well. Regardless of this though,
Mike admitted it publicly and privately.

However, these "tells" weren't incorporated purposely. The original master that Eric (Galactic Bounty Hunter) provided me to make this
project happen, was in pretty poor condition. In the process, a new master had to be made from a crumbling original. This means,
there are many areas, that had to be re-sculpted. There is a major "tell" with regard to the nemrod logo which I'm not going to discuss
openly. Rest assured though, if Mike's casting is measured out to an original, as well as my own .. the evidence can't be "chance".

Mike -

If our rocky history wasn't an issue, there would have been absolutely no reason to spout about it. If it is "no big secret",
that is because you've not been able to let a dead dog lay. Because I certainly don't talk about you to anyone.
Slander and defamation is a waste of time.

I attempted to handle this appropriately. I contacted you privately in an attempt to ascertain wether or not it was a
misunderstanding. I actually gave you the benefit of the doubt in my message to you. Truth be told, I was actually
trying to help you preserve your reputation by not airing this out on the open forum. YOU did that. All by yourself.
Just as much as most of the rest of your own drama. For the record, I never said I was going to have you "banned".
Re-read your PM. I said it was a "ban" offense. Following on the heals of my asking youu to cease and desist in no
uncertain terms. Art is an individual, and is controlled by no one. No one but himself defines his identity.
He is the board owner and WILL run this community as HE see's fit. Where as I may "feel" you should
be banned for your arrogance and callousness in your response to me about this issue (which I'm also not airing out for your benefit),
the way Art decides on this, I will support him completely. But just so it is clear, misunderstanding or not ...
your attempts to rally support for yourself by demonizing me is deplorable.

Stormrider said:
I received a holster from a member and it was broken. Made of a pretty ******, seaping hard plastic.

You think you're being clever, maybe even coy. But your comments about the state of the holster you recast are as transparent
as can be. These are the nasty little underhanded shots you take at me. For you to take a poke at me for that is an indicator of
your true character. Since you decided to put the quality of my work on public trial or display, I'll address it. Defensively.

The holster casting you recast was a very early experimental casting, before the process was streamlined. It was sold as a "second".
What "IS" common knowledge, is that there were a handful of these out there that slipped by me. And they were replaced in good
faith. I'm sorry to burst your bubble Mike, but in this business ... NO ONE is perfect. Not even you.

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What´s happening here :eek:

The last puzzle piece so near and then so far away .
I think i get my hands on an holster when i´m go in retirement :cry
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I really dont want to argue this.

I want to state this pretty clearly. First, I think chris does quality work. So while he may think it being '******' plastic was a jab at him, its what originally gave me the idea it wasnt his.

I dont dislike chris (FP) personally, we just dont always get along. In the mix if us not getting along, we both have developed a hyper-sensitivity for each other. Meaning everything one of us says, the other reads as they will. The plastic bit being a prime example.

I had figured this part was from the beginning a cast off of the holster chris worked on. There has been a few test casts made, in varying 'hardness'. I have also seen a resin pull of this same holster on ebay that was not from my molds while trying to figure out exactly what I was working on, and how to repair it.

The knife sleeve has been removed, and the logo re-positioned on this. I have only seen one 'project' where this has happened.

I dont care to argue this. I also dont think the other member involved has made any other molds, or distributed any copies spare maybe the test pulls.

If I had to guess I would say I was the beginning and the end of the endeavor to make a new holster project.

I am not trying to 'air a stink' or call anyone out. I dont have the time, or energy for that. I dont care to create a brawl with chris, and I dont care to be banned from TDH. My whole point in posting the situation into this thread, was to give everyone an idea of what was going on, and let them know the project was stopped due to this issue. In retrospect I added some personal information between chris and I into the details that need not have been posted.

Of course I am a scorned as I am out a lot of money and time.

No I dont find myself on the right side of this.

No I dont blame FP for being angry and yes, he and I have our own issues to work out.

The rules have been stated and I of course am not going to attempt to sell these holsters. I have seen quite few quips about my character, or the quality of person I am. I refuse to argue someone elses character, or the type of person someone is, based on how I interpret a post, on a website. Just because I dont like someone, or dont get along with someone, doesnt mean they are a bad person. I try not to argue with the subjective.

The sidearm / sidearm mold is still up for sale as I determine the direction I take this 'hobby'. I think there looks to be a sale thread with quite a few original pieces for sale in the future as I try to find the 'fun' again.

I apologize for the disruption, and I urge the infighting not to spread from here. I think there are quite a few valid points given here, and all are well noted from my end.


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Chris has decided to let me make a few of these to recoup my money for the molds. Its very generous and not entirely warranted from my view point. So hats off to chris.

At the end of a short run (around 10) ill be giving the mold to chris, who should in turn be able to use it, store it, or put jelly beans in it.

Theres a thread in the sarlac pitt regarding this with the details.

PM me with questions, but interest in the public (this thread) pls. Thanks,


That sounds awesome (y)

Thanks to Chris and Art for let this run come to live !

I think i was the first one but Storm knows it for sure best ^^ :cheers

Boba Mike

I am glad you guys have sorted this out with honour and integrity, I think it is testament to the characters of the men concerned.
If this holster run is still going ahead, I'm in.

darth z

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Reading thru the thread, it strengthens my belief about the TDH being the most admirable forum to join :) I am happy about Chris and Mike working things out thru difficulties in a decent way, and i am also happy some of the folks would finally complete his costume with the only missing part :) Kudos to TDH, it is a great place to be !!!!!