[SHOWOFF] Another Half-Assed Halloween Boba


Jr Hunter
First of all, apologies to all the serious Fett completists here. While I love ol' Bucket Head as much as you do, I wasn't looking to spent several years (much less several thousand dollars) on a costume -- especially since so few of my friends here in Japan have even seen a Star Wars film -- and since my wife won't let me get a mannequin for display purposes, this costume gets worn to a few local parties and then retired to a closet. Nonetheless, I've put more effort and money into this costume than any I've previously made, and I've tried to be picky when in comes to the details; at least, within the requisite time frame.

I'm happy with what I've managed to accomplish in 40 days with $400, and I hope it inspires other budget Boba makers here. :D

Comments and critiques are encouraged; I'll be happy to share WIP pics, if there's any interest in the production process.


Some parts only required minor modifications, but others (like the thrusters and jet pack missile) had to be completely scratch-built... :wacko


Aside from the Master Replicas blaster, I custom painted almost everything to match the Special Edition costume (although I tried to acknowledge the ESB color scheme wherever it didn't directly contradict the ROTJ version). Paints, inks and dyes used were all readily-available Japanese brands, owing to both time and budget limitations; however, I'm very pleased with the final color mix. The jet pack still needs a lot of work, of course...

Since I uploaded some close-ups for Stormrider, I'll include them here as well:







While the flight suit, gloves, and flak vest are my own custom creations, the armor, helmet, gauntlets, ammo belt, cape, jet pack, and side pouches all came from the same maker.
Can you guess who?
I'll bet some of you can identify the source! ;)

Ted Ekering
Okayama, Japan
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Well, it's not bad at all. You did a very good job with the painting and the dyeing of the whole suit, altough the armor and the helmet looks a little big on you, I guess this doesn't bother you, and that's what matters. Again, good job!
It's certainly a little big on me, which was why I rejected the costume initially... but then, upon reflection, I figured I could do something about it. :D
I can scale the chest armor down a little more -- thanks for the tip, RafalFett -- but I can't figure out how to make the helmet any smaller... :facepalm
i would be absolutely happy wearing that. you did a fantastic job! it's ten times better looking than the rubies supreme and at half the cost. I am very impressed!
I think your friends will love it, great effort for that time frame or any time frame at that price point.
If noone recognizes you, just claim to be kamen fett :)
Inspirational work mate! For the time & money spent on that it's brilliant.
I modded a Don Post and it didn't turn out well... But that was before I found TDH so maybe in the future I'll give the Low Budget Fett lid another go.


W B)
Agreed... I think it looks great for the time frame and the cost. Well done:)

It is much, much better than anything you could have bought as a ready made costume.
looks great..Fett is always a suit that you will mess with and tweak..it seems to never be finish and when you finish you will want to do another version hehe
looks really good. believe when when i say that is sooooo much better then a pre-made costume. i worked at a costume store for years and was always appalled at the bagged costumes quality. with the budget u had u did great!!
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