Shoulder stud alternative



Fellow Hunters -

Forgive my limited post "identity," as I'm prone to learning by osmosis.

I've considered several options to incorporate "pre-fab" shoulder studs on the armor. As a result, I opted to hand cut/saw the studs from pressure treated 1x2's..mind you trimmed down from there and sanded smooth with a slight bevel to each stud, and w/in reasonable proportions.

After, I recessed a flat-head machine screw w/ 2 ton epoxy allowing me to utilize the stud "head" as the bolt "head." Extremely effective, if not otherwise discussed on this forum previously by utilizing resin casts.

I should note that my search on the TDH site had limited reference outside of pitching a purchasable(sp) alternative item and/or BB's ref CD. ;) :D

Please look for ref pics of the concept in application.

There's 2 part epoxy plumbers puddy that will stick to almost anything ... and gets as hard as a Rock :p It comes in a roll, the outside is grey, the inside is white, break off a pies and knead it together, in a little while it hardens. You could buy a roll and mold some studs on top of a bolt head .... or not :rolleyes

BFett88 wrote:

Use painted computer keys.

Outstanding! Bloody devils were right in front of me the whole time! I've even trashed a keyboard after a system crash....those keys go freakin' everywhere!! ;)

*fiddles with flat head screwdriver on calculator numeric keys*
Ive seen plenty of these at the local hardware store, i dont know the proper name but they are rubber and stick under a table or what not so you dont scratch up your flooring,
Like some others, I think that computer keys appear to be the screen-used item, but we could be wrong. The only problem is, most of today's computer keyboards have 'slanted' keys, so you'd have to sand or file down one edge to make them flat.

I imagine someone will eventually stumble onto the actual screen-used buttons, much like they did with the gauntlet calculator keypad.

Maybe an adding machine, or something other than a computer keyboard? This was back in the early 80's, so...

And that plumber's putty is da bomb, I've used it before. Anyone tried filling the computer keys with the putty, then sinking a threaded bolt into it to dry? It seems like that would work.
I've been thinking an adding machine for awhile now. Or one of those "computers without moniters" ohh what are they called, I learned to type on one in 7th grade, uh typewriter, thats it. Maybe typewriter keys?
There are also hand held # key pads that just have 1-0 on them for use on heavy equipment. I could see ILM having a bunch of units lying around for when they built the motion control cameras ..... or not :rolleyes
I never thought of the older computer keys
maybe off an old radio shack trs-80 or a commadore vic20
i know the commadore 60 came out after ESB but i remember them being pretty much identical except for the guts

has anyone tried the rubber furniture bumpers using the automotive primer for rubber bumpers? just an idea
I made mine from wood then bondo'ed them to smooth it out and put screws in the backside. I was going to use the computer keys but then I realized there would be no way to hang a cape from it.
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