Shoulder mold in less than an hour


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Well, I made this for my custom, but I might just use it for my Boba :lol:
Its made out of MDF and shaped it with a hand held belt sander.
This just shows the steps it took to make this and vac-form it.

Tubachris85x , thanks for getting me off of my rump and inspiring me (y)

Let me know what you think guys and gals.

On with the pics...







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Wow, I inspired someone to do something??????? This is new to me, lol, thanks. You did a good job on that mold too. I guess with that one mold, you can see how making it that way can take awhile. You gave me a better idea now of making the mold a bit taller, I should have done that with most of my molds.

I see that Nichrome wire in the 4th pic, man that stuff is a pain to measure correctly



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Awesome work brother! Glad to see you are using the machine and not letting it collect dust. Again bud, looks great!


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I've got a small vac box I built still sitting in the shed - never used. This makes me want to go haul the thing out and see if I can get it rigged up. Hmm. Seems to me we just retired an old vacuum cleaner...

Nice job on the sculpt and the pull.