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I was wondering if anyone has found anything that they can run through there printer to make the chest and shoulder decals? If I could find a vinyl sticker sheet that would be cool. But, if not I have some fellow Jeepers in the Jeep club that own sign and silk screen/embroider shops that does a lot of custom stickers and the like. I might be able to give them the emblems and have them make a run of them.

any ideas would be great.
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I've found 8.5 x 11" label paper for inkjet printers at walmart. The sheets are solid, uncut and the back can be pulled off like one giant sticker. Once I made my printout I cut them out with scissors. Ive also seen inkjet 'bumpersticker' sheets (3 stickers per sheet)at Office Depot that are actually supposed to be weatherproof. I was wanting to see how those worked too.
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Well I found the bumper sticker sheets. Should work great, if I can find a good version of the shoulder emblem and chest emblem to print.
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Here's some that I got from somewhere.
(Sorry if it belongs to somebody, If I offend feel free to remove it mods)
This one is so-so
<img src="" width="378"
This one is better
<img src="" width="792"
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here is the shoulder one. do you think it is to large?

also threw in some pix of my shoulder bells.




does anyone know about what dimensions they are supposed to be?
also on chest.

I got the sticker paper so once I get them looking good i could print off a set of insignia and helmet stickers and let youse guys in on the action.
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I posted this in the decal post. But no replies. I am wondering what you guys think about the size of the decal for the shoulder. Is it to big? or to small?

Also what do you think so far.


Looks fine to me, did you leave the second cream colored layer out on purpose though? OR not want to fool with it?
The cream colour is the colour underneath the yellow, bits of it are revealed on the edges of the armor and around the blaster dents.
Here is Rogue Studio's shuolder armor, just for a reference and because the reference CD isnt working. I followed this painting sceme and it turned out great.

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