should i scrap my bucket???

ok ill start from...well the start. i bought a bucket from a guy on e-bay and when i got it the RF was busted off. and i was planning on replacing it and in the proccess of removing the cover i had to use all my 15 year old brute force AND a flathead. and in doing this i broke the inside of at the time i didnt think it was bad because the peaice fit like a glove with the RF. but in the procces of moving the side peoce was lost so i dont think repair is an eath gonna scrap it to the latest garage sale or im gonna custum it the best i can because it is bad enough broken to the point where there is a hole through the helm. i swear the previous owner must have spot welded this thing on because it was HARD to get off. any help would be appreciated.THANX
Keep it, it will be useful in the "experimental" stages of constructing your suit. You won't believe the times you would like to try something but you don't know how it's gonna turn out .... so try it on the "practice" helmet :D
I would hang onto that sucker. Like fett set, you can always use it as a test bucket for trying out painting techniques. IE: color, weathering and so forth.
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