Most accurate Din Djarin bucket file?


New Hunter
Hi guys,

I've now printed two separate buckets that I downloaded from etsy and I'm not too thrilled with the accuracy of the files. Something is always significantly off and I'm too stupid to identify the issues before I buy the file. I was direct your way! Can someone point out the most screen accurate Mando bucket file that I can purchase? I did see that "3dPrintArmoryStudio" has a pretty good file which seems to lean on the eFX model. What are your thoughts? Any suggestions as to who out there has the best file? Also, please forgive me if this has been asked before. I did find a file comparison thread but it did not lead to an actual comparison of the files and I could not fine anything else. I'd greatly appreciate some guidance!


I've heard, and I'm no expert, that the Great Ape Studios file is pretty accurate. I know a lot of people use his files for both the bucket and the armor and it looks pretty accurate to me. People are probably sick of seeing these pics lol, but I think they showcase the helmet.

Hope that helps!