Should I modify this, or leave it be?


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I hope Chris doesnt mind but I'm using his old picture of this fett-like resin kit. I have cleaned it up with bondo and green putty to get rid of all the bubbles.


Its the same exact thing, and alot cheaper than the other kits, should I modify this to rotj or leave it be. I'm not sure dremeling the stock off would be a structuraly good idea.

Has anyone done this? Would anyone even motice that much
That is an idea, but it would be easier to take it off, the stock if very odd shaped. The butt is curved inward in the back and the top and bottom of the stock is about 4 inches wide, its thick.
Hey Cal, I don't mind the pic at all. I don't know if you could use sintra to build out the butt sides or not. Creating a hollow unit. Just a thought rather than filling it to be solid.
OK Thanks :)

IF I was to cut the stock off and drill holes, then attach an aluminum shim, then a lightweight wooden stock. Think it would break off easily?

The only reason I am hesitant to fill the stock in is because the stock is right at the handle instead of having that space from stock to handle it still wouldn't look entirely accurate, hope that makes sense.
I'd almost leave it be, it appears that you have a 100% accurate Boba Fett action figure blaster ;)

Other than that I would think a couple of cleats on the interior and sintra with some bondo to clean up the edges.
Should work for you. PM me and I can draw up a diagram, if need be.

I spent 12 hours puttying and using a product called green stuff for warhammer models. There was alot of bubbles in this mold as I hear this gun has, I wonder who molded it and where it came from though.
Although not entirely accurate, I like the way the stock on that gun looks better than the actual screen version. I did always wonder why some one molded the action figure version though.
...that is the same rifle I have...I like it better since the stock is shorter and much easier to carry...even though a part of me wants a movie accurate ROTJ blaster...since I am a custom Mandalorian I can get away with a modified 'action figure' one :D

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