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Originally posted by brood mceto:

Ok, just cut some out...

I made them 11 in. tall, 10 in. at the widest point. 3 in. across the top, and 2 in. across the bottom. 1/2 in. half (ass) circle at the bottom.

I cut out 2 11x10 in. pieces and shaped them to my leg. Then I cut off a triangle on either side of the top. 3.5 in. from the outside, and 4.5 in. from the top. Then from the point that was left, I cut straight across to the 4 in mark (from the outside) at the bottom. Then I cut about a 1/2 in. circle shape at the bottom.

There are two ridges (looks like) that go from the two top points to the to bottom points. I may leave these off of mine, or I may put them on when I figure out just how to do it.

It may not be 'perfect', but it looks alright in unfinished form...

now for the spats...
Ok here's what ya do: get a ton of 1/4 wood screws and nuts. Epoxy the screws head down into the underside of your armor plates. One on each corner, middle, edges etc.. You're going to BOLT down your armor INTO your vest.
After you have all the screws in place, put a dab of acrylic paint (washes off if necessary) on the tips of those screws and press them down onto your fabric in the appropriate position.
Now that you have guides, punch holes into your leather/vinyl, and use a small washer on each screw head to screw them into place from the inside of your vest.

All make sense? It's a great method, holds the armor down TIGHT and it's all removeable if you want to wash/replace your vest. Also works for the shoulders, knees, whatever.

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For the foot armor, take a piece of elastic, sew in into a loop that will be just enough to spil over your foot. Then take that piece, and place it on the underside of the top of the foot armor. You can then take a small strip of plastic and glue it over the elastic to hold it in place. If your piece is made with ABS, it's even better, cause you can ABS glue it in permanently!
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Certainly elastic is the key. I would attach it with either velcro or snaps. Velcro doesn't simply 'pop' off, but it will eventually lose it's adhesive from heat/sweat condensation.
Buttons hold a little firmer, but one good yank and it can pop off.

I have both installed at various points of my sandtrooper suit, and I'd say the buttons do best.

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My upper thigh armor is velcroed to the back of my holster to the painted face of the armor. It isn't attached to my coveralls and moves very well. The knees are velcored to the coveralls and has an elestic band to keep tension. The velcor keeps them from turning. The shins I have to straps around the back but are inaccurate. I may have to use snaps to keep them on the coveralls. I use an elestic band that I sewed the ends together to make a loop that I use to secure the lower part of my coverall pants leg like a military blousing rubber. The toe armor, I have a velcor loop on my current boots, but I may go with snaps on the Bed Stu shoes...

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Problem solved my friends!! Simply velcro or snap the pieces to the flight suit...THEN sew elastic INSIDE the flightsuit. That way, the armor will cling to your body and not hang away from it! Then when you put your legs into the flightsuit, you'll need to put your legs through the elastic as well.
Just remember where you heard it first... :)
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You sew the elastic inside in 2 spots, underneath where the armor is. You do not sew it anywhere else. That way, the rest of the pants stay loose. I think that the way Lucas did it, is that they must've put slits in the pants to feed the elastic inside. If you look closely at the picture of the knee armor that put up a few months back, you'll notice elastic on them.
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Did you guys also notice that the shin armor looks as if it may be attached to a boot underneath the flightsuit. It is not totally pressed tight to the body in some photos but still keeps close to the body & doesn't flop forward.
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I was wondering how you attahce the foot armor for Jango? I have tried 3 methods so for and to no luck in it staying put.

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If you have the Visual Dictionary, you can see that the foot armor has straps at the back which attach to the sides of the heel on the boots using what appears to be small snaps. I'm guessing the interior of the armor has velcro to lock it down to the top of the boot as well.
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Hey Bear, do you have the bed stu modules? If so, wear them with the flap inside exposing the velcro for the closure. then stick some 2" velcro on the other side in the same place, and on the underside of the armor. no strap should be needed.
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<image src=>

<image src=>
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Seeker, how did you attach the snaps to the Boot Spat itself? And what kind of paint did you use for the silver accents?

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Heya, I'm a newbie here ;p

I'm actually just beginning my Jango Fett costume-- It's exciting ;)Anyway after looking through my reference photos I found something that might be of interest...

I'm not sure if this was mentioned before, but I did notice something regarding Jango's leg armor. It appears as though there is a tailored slit in the sides of the jumpsuit where a strap (elastic, nylon?) passes around the back of the leg beneath the cloth so that it's not seen. Here's some pics of what I'm talking about:


This is the best shot I've found of this.


It's on the shin armor too, which leads me to beleive all of the leg armor is done this way.

Thought that might be insightful. =)
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I know alot have been wanting to know how to attach the foot armor for jango. well short of doing it the right way which is snaps here is what I came up with. also I use these shoes with my jedi as well so snaps were out.

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Is there elastic band at the top AND bottom of the shin and thigh armor, or is it just in one place?
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Ok, I have the instep armor coming for my bed stus. I'm going with the snap approach. What do I use to keep the snap on the boot?? What kind of adhesive would be the best to use?? I don't want it coming off. Is there a right way to apply it??

Please help:)

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Truth be told, I'm probably going to run the snaps through the boots. This way I won't have to worry about the glue coming undone.
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You have to put the snap directly into the shoe, not glue it. I had a friend with a shoe repair shop put them in.
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