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Anyone have any experiences with this? I know that flare guns don't count as fire arms, but that doesn't mean that they'll let it in Canada, at the border. I recently read a thread that stated all replica firearms are illegal in Canada. I can't wait for an EE-3, but don't want it to get seized.
Are plastic/resin less likely to cause problems? Would kit formats help? Any thoughts, warnings, or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks
I've been worried about the same thing too. Don't have any experience per se, but, as someone who does get a lot of stuff across the border . . . . . I can imagine it being rough.

As some people here may know, I seem to get a bit more trouble than others when it comes to shipping in and out of Canada :D, but . . . . right now, I'd say your best bet would be to contact your nearest customs office.

Also, I don't know exactly where you are, but . . . I have had good luck on some things by having them sent to someone within driving distance in the states, and driving over, and picking it up and bringing it back.

You're less likely to be searched, and you can answer the questions truthfully without jeopardizing yourself.

Just say you brought back goods totalling x number of dollars.

I guess the only downside is is if you're the one in a hundred guy that they search, you could run the risk of some complications. But, I mean, the worst they could do is confiscate it . . . which, if it truly is a banned product, they would do if you shipped it anyway.

Alas, I'll finish this post . . . I could go on forever about Canada Post! :)

Thanks Ego.
I'm in Orillia. 1.5 hours North of Toronto.
I was thinking about having them shipped part of the way. Should I worry if it's a resin kit? I mean if it's obviously a harmless piece of plastic?

Yah Canada Post totally sucks.
I won the Saga R2D2 on ebay (in Feb). She sends it in a manila envelope. Guess what? It gets crushed.
I email her threatening a nasty feedback, and she promises to send another one in better packaging. A couple weeks later she sends me an email with a photo of the package that had been sent back to her. It had my correct address and yet "moved" had been written on it. She sent it again and it was again returned. I'm still waiting for this to land.

Anyways, I guess the main point is we need more Boba suppliers up here.
I'm in TO, so, yeah, you're not that far away from me.

Well, let me tell you this story. Years ago the fan club offered this really gorgeous print of Boba Fett's ship coming up over a planet at sunset. Gorgeous colours. Loved the print.

So I ordered it, and had it shipped up here.

It finally came about 3 months later. Been opened, searched, sealed, opened again, etc. Tube all dinged up to hell. Great big "searched by Canada Customs" stickers all over it.

Couldn't figure out why . . . until I read the customs declaration slip.

"Slave Poster"

Ever since, literally 95% of my packages are opened (then they have the balls to charge me for the time they spend searching through my packages).

So, even if it's resin, although technically you may not be donig anything wrong, it still could get you in a bit of grief.

Especially since I believe toy guns (and believe me, you'd be better off having them declare it as a "toy ray gun" than "replica firearm" :D ) up here either have to be painted bright orange, or have to have the orange cap on the end.

That's why I'm thinking you'd be better off having it shipped to a 501st member in Buffalo if you know any, then driving down and picking it up and taking you chances at the border.

Either that, or maybe have them paint the thing bright orange before they ship it . . . more work for you later, but, might help you out if they search your package.

Just some thoughts.

Kudos to you sir.

Not only for the information, but for being able to find ANY useful information AT ALL on the Canadian gov't website.

I'll maybe give these guys a call, see what they say about our Webley's.

Guiness: This was exactly what I was onto:(Thanks for the link)This is what the Canadian law has declared:
Replica firearms (except for replicas of antique firearms) have become prohibited devices under the Firearms Act. Businesses and individuals can keep any replicas that they owned prior to December 1, 1998, and they do not need a licence to possess them. However, there are now restrictions on buying, selling, manufacturing, importing and exporting replica firearms.
What is a replica firearm?
A "replica firearm" is a device that was designed and intended to look exactly or almost exactly like a real firearm (except for an antique firearm) but that is not a real firearm.
Most replicas cannot discharge projectiles at all, or only discharge projectiles that cannot cause serious harm. Devices that discharge projectiles that can cause serious bodily injury are not replicas.
Replica firearms do not include plastic toys and other things that imitate firearms but that are not likely to be mistaken for a real firearm by someone with a reasonable knowledge of firearms.
(AT this point i thought maybe i'm safe, a Blastech EE-3 is more of a plastic toy, than a replica (of a real) firearm. But If that last paragraph was a little unclear, it gets better)
Other devices, including some air guns, starter pistols and model guns, are much harder to classify. Although they may not be firearms for purposes of licensing and registration, they are not necessarily replicas either. It depends mainly on:
Whether it was designed or intended to look like a real firearm; and (EE-3's look like real star wars guns)
Whether it can fire a projectile that could cause serious injury. (nope)
Many of these items have to be judged on a case-by-case basis rather than by category because similar products may have different characteristics. However, here are some guidelines as well as some findings on assessments done to date. (yikes)

Leaves alot to the imagination.
I bought two Kenner stormtrooper blasters from the states. Both made it, no problem.

I bought a rubber E-11 blaster cast from a real Sterling. The thing looks pretty real. Even my brother-in-law, who is in the military, thought it was one of the MK-V's he fired in training. It was opened by customs and allowed through.

I had to pay customs fees, but I have to pay customs on 9 out of ten things I buy from the states. Like this hobby isn't expensive enough!

Well the one thing that scared me is how it mentions that just possession of the replica firearm is illegal as well.

I'm just wondering . . . do we get a certificate or something that says it's okay to own? If so many of them have to be judged on a case by case basis, I don't want to take it to one con, have it deemed okay, and take it to another and have it taken away.

At least with a certificate, I can carry that in a belt pouch or something and whip it out and show them that it's cool.

Because I agree with the above . . . they do look real . . . like real star wars guns. If I saw someone walking towards me with one in a dark alley . . . they'd probably jump at least a step!

Fpoato . . you're at least probably okay with it shipping in kit form. It certainly won't look much like a gun in the shape it's coming to you in! :)

Oh, and MMM, don't think I didn't see that comment of yours, I'm just busy formulating the proper response! :)

In the meantime, just remember, the only country to ever successfully burn down your White House was Canada.

Don't mess with us man.

We have a navy. We have over FIVE submarines. That's right, you heard me. FIVE!!

We are a force to be reckoned with.


5 submarines and one CANOE!!! haha And countless hockey sticks!! We also have a secret weapon its called the SCREAMIN SKULL....she is infultrating Las Vegas right now! you might know her Celine out Phil(JP)

fpoato wrote:

I live in Canada aswell and have a Spidey Blaster on the way. I dont see any problems from Canada Customs....I hope

Same here. He's marking the customs slip as a "sci-fi model". Shouldn't be a problem.

Also, here's a little tip: Whenever you get anyone to send you anything from anywhere, get them to send it as a gift for a low dollar amount. Anything under $20 usually gets through, and even if it doesn't , they base customs fees on the declared value. So the less it says, the less you'll pay.

This will all become moot when we make America the eleventh province. :lol:


jeezycreezy wrote:

This will all become moot when we make America the eleventh province. :lol:

I dunno if I want them to be a province . . . maybe a Territory instead! ;)

Only thing to be careful of is if they search your package, and they find that the value doesn't jive with the declared value . . . you're in a bad way.

On the upside, when it comes to Fett stuff, no one would ever believe how much we've paid for this stuff so . . . we're golden! :)

Hi. Not a Canadian here. Living in South Florida with tourist season, I seemed to be surrounded by lots of Canadians.:p
If I remember, in the United States toy guns that look real are supposed to have an "orange tip" at the end of the barrel to indicate it as a toy. Does this apply to Canada as well? On my Jango costume I left the orange tips on my guns so people wouldn't freak out especially with the terrorism scare going around. On a fan made Blaster could you add a "removable later" orange tip to it so it will pass off as a toy instead of a repilica? I believe the reason why your replica was so beat up by customs was because they were making sure that this blaster could in no way be made to shoot once you get it. How about shipping it in broken down parts in separate boxes? Just some ideas.

Ego wrote:

I'm just wondering . . . do we get a certificate or something that says it's okay to own?

At least with a certificate, I can carry that in a belt pouch or something and whip it out and show them that it's cool.


Well, perhaps one of our illustrious TDHers could whip up an impressive certificate...

"This Certificate entitles the bearer of this Boba Fett Blastech E-3 to carry and display this Star Wars movie prop.
Having spent a sizeable amount of credits to obtain said movie prop, it and the bearer is to be treated with the utmost respect."

There, how's that one?

I like it, Rex!:D (Now, we just gotta' run it through DCB's mind for dezign and get the Dent to put his stamp of approval on it)!:p Canadian Customs would have nothing on us TDHers then!:lol:
And you guys think the US had a bit of trouble with it's own South at one time. Just think if the whole country was "The South". You guys wouldn't stand a chance. Don't worry, we'd give you back your country. We have enough parking for Mall of America. But, we'll keep you in mind if we ever need a desolate windswept wasteland to hold our hockey games in. ;) ;)

As to the blaster issue. It is important to point out one point that has been misinterpreted twice in the thread. These ARE NOT replica firearms. They are replica movie props of fititious items. Unless you are getting casts of Sterlings, the law will work to your benefit. Do not make the mistake of saying "Star Wars guns". I won't insult and remind everyone that, as much as some want to believe it, SW is just a movie. The items seen therein are not replicas of anything. They are NOT "SW guns", they are replica movie props.

If Canada, the future 51st state's, laws define firearms ratings the same as we do here in the lower 50 states, then the cutoff for "antiques" is 1898. At that point, the 1898 curios and collectibles classing takes effect. There are certain limitations owing to the use of modern ammunition etc. in defining a firearm built even before that date, but the basic codified law is there and based on that date.
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