SFP Jumpsuit *NEW COLOR* Now Available

Trooper TK409

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Here's the actual comparison of the older, darker gray and the new lighter gray (I wanted a ROTJ colored jumpsuit, so the ESB blue is another story.) Obviously in daylight it will be even lighter. This is under indoor florescent light.



I've been speaking with Anton at SFP about his gray Fett jumpsuit being too dark as I'm sure many others have. He's now offering a light gray jumpsuit and I received mine yesterday. Overall it's awesome - great quality craftsmanship, material, fit and color.

One minor problem that still exists though is that the shin pockets are still divided right in the middles, even though I tried to get him to change that. He said he would, but they must have missed it. The right short sleeve now has 2 elastic hose holders inside. It arrived from the Phillippines in about 4 weeks. Here's another photo comparison shot in daylight. The darker one on the left has been weathered to appear lighter than the original dark gray, but I think the new light gray (right) is even better.

Tk-409 Is the jumpsuit with the new color cotton twill? BTW you are helping us so much by correcting the color of the jumpsuit. Thank you for inspiring so many good things.
Any way you want to convince him to make a better blue color also? That is a really good looking new jumpsuit you got there Chris.
That's amazing...that you have the same pose in those pictures. Did you mark the ground where to stand, haha.
...Or did I just fall for a Photoshop production?
Hey Chris,

Is Fett's jumpsuit that light in ESB? I have the same dark grey SFP jumpsuit. If it is suppose to be light, I'm sure Anton will hook me up.

John Barrows, Jr.
I don't believe the ESB jumpsuit is as gray as it has been perceived. I feel the jumpsuit is a blue color along the lines of the 1st or 3rd Prepro with a good deal of weathering on it.

The gloves are very gray, and they are good point of contrast against the color suit.
Does look a lot better in the light grey, but I also think it should be a little more blue. Also the thigh pocket flaps seem to be curved rather than square. I think the Don Post Mannequin has curved but I'm sure the movie versions are squared (hope this makes sense).
I have ordered my starfortress jumpsuit yesterday, but Anton has some technical problems with mastercard payments. He has promised me that the problem will be solved in a couple of days ...
Hey there Trooper TK409 what are the measurments you gave for your jump suit. I'm about 6 feet tall and 170 lbs.
Your suit seems to fit you very well. If we are similar hight and weight maybe I could use your chart specs to order my suit.
Hey Chris, would it be possible to post a picture of the elastic hose attachment in the right sleeve? I'd really like to see how they did that. Thanks
About SF having problems with credit cards, I got an e-mail from Anton the other day. He was saying that they were getting a new processor or something like that. I don't know much about computers so it's all Chinese to me. He said it would be corrected very soon. When this has happened before, I've just sent him Western Unions to pay for stuff with no problems. In fact I recently ordered a Olive Green Imperial Officer's complete uniform. I should be shipped out in a week or so. That should be fun. :D

I'm doing the Conneticon event this weekend and my garrison is taking Peter Mayhew + guest out to dinner after the event. If I get any good pics of me in my Fett with the Wookiee himself, I'll make sure that you all see them.

John Barrows, Jr.

Trooper TK409 wrote:

bobamaker wrote:

...I also think it should be a little more blue. ...

I'm doing the ROTJ jumpsuit, which is light gray. ESB is slightly bluer. Prepro is dark gray.

Chris, I hate to complicate things, but check out this screen capture from ROTJ.... light blue more like ESB. I guess we just need to choose the colour we're happy with and accept that Boba is a continuity nightmare. Besides we all perceive colour in different ways, so what's light grey to one is blue/grey to another.
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