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Hey guys,

Just finished the models for the revised rubber knee armor..


About a month ago I released my new rubber knee armor..had some complaints about the overall shape of the front sections..After reviewing the ref-CD, I made the mods.

These are the new front sections of coarse which I re-designed to look more movie accurate. The original series 1 rubber side panels and rubber stems will fit this new updated version..

Collectors who have already paid for an original set of rubber knees and are waiting to receive them will get this new version if you wish, just send me a pm to confirm.

To the handfull of guys out there who purchased and received my original rubber knee armor and would like to upgrade to the new series II knee armor please contact me and I'll offer you a discount.

Thanks again,


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Here are the original rubber side panels and stems from the series 1 armor..

These same panels and stems fit the new updated series II rubber front sections shown above :)

The series II are avaialble for those interested...

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I'll be posting finished photos of the new rubber knee armor on Saturday for those interested...Rubber cods and knees are in the mail guys thanks so much for your support and patience..A few have purchased either cods or knees along with Jedi or ESB gauntlets as a set. Those orders will be completed very shortly, cleaning up lose ends on the gauntlets. Thanks again to everyone :D

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Boooyyy you can tell it's Friday the 13th around the Helmet

Buckeye...Knee armor sells for $120.00 a set (non-painted) fully assembled, US shipping included. Rubber stems and darts come unattached for easy painting...Mannn if I had a dollar for every time I've typed that one I could sell them for $20.00 :D

Wag more Bark less I always say :p

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If it's any of my business, why is that? Why not inquire as to what the price is?

As a consumer I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to give up my money. I'm the same way in the store. If its not marked, I simply pass on it no matter how bad I want it.

I'm not going to continue to expalin myself and hijack MOW's thread.
Hi Folks,

Just received my new rubber knee's from MOW today and what can't i say about these , they are superb !!! the lines are very crisp and they are the business !! if you don't own a pair of these , go buy a pair they will last for ages and best of all you can't break them.

:cheers :cheers MOW for doing these , i love em (y) (y)