Jet Pack Second ROTJ Jetpack build journal. Lots of progress pictures!

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    First off all, I swore I'd never make another scratch build jetpack about two years ago and here I am again.... I might have a mental illness just like my wife says I do..

    Super special thanks to Rafal for all the hard work, reference pictures, 3D models and especially the free STL files he has for some of the jetpack parts. I would NOT have started another pack if not for your free files.

    All that being said, here's a picture of my scratch build from two years ago. I had some dimensions wrong and wasn't able to add the red piano keys along the top of the pack and that's always bothered me. So this time I'm going to do it!


    First off I start by building a frame out of 1/8 inch plywood using Rafal's templates found in the sticky's at the top of the boba costume page.
    157994-c9f5efecd1a9484fb0d994f8a1309fff.jpg 157995-cf3c2e5745f88f6c71f07d5e97fc4b29.jpg

    Started cutting the outer pieces out of aluminum flashing with a utility knife and tin snips.

    157996-5afc8f48d7ac4e88b2a13e735e4d6ebd.jpg 157997-90c1a8b44598921cb1408dbe3cbbe743.jpg

    Pretty happy with these except my epoxy didn't hold like I'd hoped so I'm going back on the inside joints and roughing it all up again and will use JB weld instead.

    157998-745cafc095f1619d0b4e0e68173933b0.jpg 157999-22146f1ba03a2bb06ed116fb983b035f.jpg

    Used a piece of thin metal stove pipe from the hardware store for the center tank and epoxied it in.

    158000-75dda4a6fecd01adb473640ef38ddb5d.jpg 158001-094cf1d93d28d405f727ae363cc7b1f8.jpg

    I finished printing rocket parts last night and have it almost all finished and ready to go on the body when the time comes. I used Rafal's files to print the rocket with a few modifications of my own.

    I started the frame on Friday and got most of it done Saturday. So I only have 3 days work into this project so far not counting the rocket and all the other printed parts that I started a few weeks ago. I'll get pics of those up when I get to that part. I have no deadline for this project so we'll see how far and fast it goes.












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    Rough fitting last night with nothing permanently attached yet but it's taking shape! Starting to look like a jetpack after four days. Still have a lot to do but one day at a time. With Thanksgiving this week, I doubt I'll get much done but we'll see.

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  3. Nice!
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    Been sick all week with a sinus infection so my progress is a little slow but I prepped the tubes I found and some more parts painted.

    Also finished my beacon I 3D printed. Wired up and ready for a power supply.

    Started on my aluminum thruster tank covers that go on the side. Aluminum with a cardboard backing to keep them strong and rigid.

    Thrusters 3D printed thanks to Rafal. Grabbed his 3D model off one of his posts and they turned out great!

    I couldn't find a 3D model of the jetpack vent so I designed one that's close. The vent holes aren't exact but the overall size is based off the plans here on TDH. If anyone wants the STL files I'll gladly send them to you. I'll eventually post them somewhere for free.

    Nothing is attached but here's a quick look at where the process is. I started this build 8 days ago and it's gone super fast especially considering I have been fighting a sinus infection, Thanksgiving and having to help the wife get Christmas decorations out....... Given this is my second build it's gone incredibly fast. Since I'm not having to deal with found parts and can 3D print many of them, it's super easy this time around. Feel free to comment, criticize or critique!! Things will start to go much slower in the coming week but I'm excited to finish this. Wasn't even planning to be done until sometime mid year next year!
    mock up.JPG
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    Great job!
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  7. Demmoc

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    Worked on painting the thrusters last night (Can't bring myself to say I worked on Boba's balls last night)

    some paint work on the rocket. I have been using NUMEROUS reference photos but have decided to focus on two sources for painting. First source is the Anovos prototype and the second is one of the sideshow Fetts. I really wish there were some jetpack paint templates out there but I've never found them if they exist. These aren't perfect but they are on their way. Still have final weathering to do at the end of the build.
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    nice work!
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    thanks Boja!
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  11. Demmoc

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    Thanks ShortFuse, I found those already but was hoping someone had some hidden away somewhere. Appreciate it though!
    You'd think that'd motivate me to make some for everyone....... ugh......
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    Progress is a bit slow right now because a lot of what I'm doing is prep work and minor detailing. I have ordered my humbrol colors so I'm waiting on those to arive before I start painting the blues and yellows (who knows when those will show up knowing Humbrol USA). Plan to redo the red jetpack collar as well with a more accurate color.

    Made a collar for the entire upper rocket assembly and 3D printed it so I can easily take off the entire top to transport it.

    Wasn't happy with my rocket paint job so I reprimed it and started again. Have it masked off but waiting on paint. Also attached the front part to the main center tank cover that's normally blue. It's masked as well until paint time.

    I have the thrusters done (dropped one last night and a part shot off so I had to re-glue the truster nozzle back on the ball... was very upset at myself for that one) I'm trying to figure out now how to attached the thrusters to the tanks so that I can remove them. Right now not having any major inspiration so if anyone has a suggestion. All my ideas require me to have access to the inside of the tank to take them on and off and I don't want to have to do that if I can avoid it. May just put a bolt through the thruster arm and bolt them inside the side tanks. They will then rotate but I will never be able to get them off if I need to and transport will be harder..... Figure I can cut part of the inside of the tank tube away (the part you can't see) so I can have limited access from inside the main body cavity but again that won't make them easily removable. Several years ago on my last JP build I bolted the thrusters on and managed to run into a door jam with one and it bent. Due to my construction, there is no way to gain access to fix it so it's at a permanent tilt. I'm sure I'm the only one that notices but it drives me crazy I can't fix it without tearing apart most of the JP side. Want to avoid that this time.


    Still a lot of prep and painting left to do. I'm a big fan of painting each part before I attached it so that there are no masking lines and the parts are crisp and even sometimes slightly gapped where they touch other parts. Gives it that clean build feel. That's why I've never been a huge fan of doing a fiberglassed or molded JP body. Just personal preference.
  13. Demmoc

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    Finally had some time to paint last night. Worked on the tank caps. Found a cool way to attach my trusters to my tanks finally. I'll try to post some pics of that system later though.

    painted the center tank trim pieces last night. Still have weathering to do and attach them but here they are so far.

    Re-painted my rocket. Just wasn't happy with the color or the overall look the first go around so I started again.
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    Very nice! Inspirational.
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