rotj jetpack

  1. Fett1794

    ROTJ jetpack with rattle cans (photos)

    Thought I’d post images of the paint job I did for my ROTJ jetpack. To be clear, I haven’t been completing my build to a 501st standard at all and this jetpack is missing some greeblies of which I’m aware. I’m just out to make something that looks movie quality to a novice. I’ve also just used...
  2. cbrant

    Jet Pack Jetpack Part Question + AOSW & Jango Kamino Pack

    Probably a question for the TDH Veterans - I did try finding related threads, but I couldn't find anything using terms I would use. When I was looking at the Jango Runway pics I noticed this metallic bar on the edge of the jetpack, here and here: Feeling like I had seen them before, I went...
  3. PapaFett87

    Jetpack size?

    Hey guys, somebody on her has to know how big Boba’s jetpack was right? Something like 15 cm wide right? Looks smaller than I anticipated in both ESB/ROTJ. I’m about 5’11 - 6’ Btw. If anyone could give a perspective on how large one would want their jetpack to look on their back, pls lmk.
  4. Arminace

    Jet Pack ROTJ Decals and markings on Bobas Jetpack

    Good morning, just wondering because i didn't find any. Does anyone have close ups of the decals and markings as well as detailed information where to place them? Best regards....your new member Peter
  5. Demmoc

    Jet Pack Second ROTJ Jetpack build journal. Lots of progress pictures!

    First off all, I swore I'd never make another scratch build jetpack about two years ago and here I am again.... I might have a mental illness just like my wife says I do.. Super special thanks to Rafal for all the hard work, reference pictures, 3D models and especially the free STL files he...