SE FETT doesn't have the ESB helmet

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I want to give Slavepilot credit here for pointing this out to me this weekend. I was highly surprised to find out that it is true! Slavepilot had posted a photo of it orginally on this thread
I had captured some screen shot myself but invite you guys to take a look for yourself.
So who started the rumor that it was an ESB helmet? And what confuses me is that it is really obvious if you look at the SE Star Wars that it isn't an ESB helmet.

So what gives here?


ah so when people say they are doing an SE fett (the most popular SE Fett being the esb helm and ROTJ armor) they are refering to the Fett seen in ROTJ SE....ok man Don Bies really just confused the crap out of me now.

EDIT: Clarify
I was discussing this with JB tonite.
he told me that when they were all kickin' it together, Don Bies told him (JB) & Mike that he did wear th ESB bucket in ROTJ SE.
I always assumed that since Boab is all new in ANH, that ANH SE was the SE we were talking about.
My mistake.
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