scuba / diving boots as fett boots?

Neoprene diving boots are very comfortable ... in the water. On land, they do not offer much support, so your feet start to hurt after walking around for awhile. Plus your feet will sweat like mad. :p Neoprene is made to hold in water, which is why it is so great for wet suits and such. I would not recommend using those boots for you suit. Find something made from canvas ... your feet and your friends will thank you. :D
good points Gator Fett, I was just thinkin that neoprene bein soft, would be nice on the 'ol dogs, but you are right, those things offer no support whatsoever.
My first boots were neoprene camping boots, with the canvas spat glued over the outside of the boots. It was so long ago, I don't remember the support issue. I was so happy just to be IN a Fett costume, I doubt I cared at the time. :)
hmm... I'll think i'll give the idea a miss then, proves that easy doesn't always mean best. I'll guess i'll have to go back to trying to do a customer job on an old pair of shoes I got for next to nothing. Going to be hardwork though.
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