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Hi Everyone

I'm currently slap bang in the middle of my fett build and once Xmas is out the way i'm looking to pick up my build again asap, next item on the list is boots, i've seen what looks like a good pair on Ebay (however i'm trying to resist as i've been warned about Ebay when doing a fett build) they are priced at £80, this seems fairly reasonable to me but can anyone confirm if that price is about what i'd expect to pay?
And i was kinda hoping there would be some buying and selling going on around the site? is there anyone out there in the UK looking at selling some fett boots anytime soon?

Thanks everyone


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Ayup pal

Thanks, I'll check your link, so what is it about the boots on eBay? What makes them bad and how do you spot bad from good boots?


The ones on eBay have the wrong outer soles and have rounded toes which will make it impossible to mount toe spikes on.
They are made from incorrect material and the soles yellow very quickly.
These also have an appearance of being "Tucked in" in the front which make them look cheap.

RS props/ManofWar/Imperial Boots have the correct toe shape and are overall better quality.

EDIT: If you're doing a budget fett then sure go for it.