Scratch built helmet progress


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Would this be good?

Would this bowl be good for the top part of the helmet or dome? im kinda short timed so thanks and plz help starwars costume contest in a few days!!!!!! the message above the bowl sais got my cafiene

Picture 8.jpg
is this helmet good for the dome now?
the thing the top part of the helmet that i circeled in red is flat
the black part i kinda messed up there

head 22.2.JPG

head 33.3.JPG

head 44.4.JPG
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I think it is good for the amount of time you say you have to work on it. I'd put it into gear, and use that. I don't think you'll find something better in your amount of time.
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I think i might have found a flaw in my dome plan when i looked at it from angles it didnt really look long enough does length matter?Please help me if you can. :love
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Is this to big?

this print i made for my eye or T looking part did i print it to big?
well here are the messurements

Top right and left are abour :2 inches
Across the top:10 inches
top to bottom:8 inches
bottom part across:4 inches
they're the messurements


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Have you looked into a cheap baseball hardhelmet at Wal-MArt? they have them in right now and its a perfect base fpr the helmet, and also 15 bucks.
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Without a reference scale I cannot tell, one word of advice though, I think your making to many threads about the same thing, you might want to limit them to the same one there is a TOS about spaming to many threads at once, agian just an FYI.
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Very cofused!!!

When make my helmet im not using the bowl anymore doesnt fit :( should i use the wire some people use for papermache i think thats what they use it for to shape out my helmet?

plz reply
Most scratch helmets are made from cardstock, sintra or styrene then bondoed smooth Lots of work though dont look for it to be easy.
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