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I've noticed that most people on this board go for the topically applied battle damage, for the obvious reason that it is more screen accurate. But what about the scratch away technique, i dont see many of those.

If anyone has some scracth away technique stuff I would love to see it.

BTW scratch away technique is when u layer your helmet with silver paint (silver, gunmetal, chrome whatever) then paint over it, then scratch away the paint so the silver is revealed.
I do that but I put mustard inbetween the silver and the next layer. Then scratch off the mustard and it gives that cracked paint look. I don't have a camera so I can't show you it but it looks good. You can put globs of it on to have total coverage or just a little and thin to have the top color show through a little.
I tried that, it worked on my armor, which is made from sintra. some places though, it din't work at all. It didn't work on my helmet either. I wonder if its certain paint, that works better? Awesome technique though! I wish it work on my whole suit of armor.
It may be the type of paint. Or if the mustard didn't get completly dry first. Each layer has to be completly dry before adding anything else. I used it on my armor and it worked fine. I also used it on my stormtrooper blaster, and electrobinocs.
Topically applying paint is NOT the screen accurate method. There are topical areas, but I'd say on the whole those areas don't account for more than 5-10 % of the total effect.
really? what were the other ways it was painted?

BTW I use car spray paints(the type u use to touch up car scratches) I go 15 layers of chrome, then 7-10 layers of gunmetal, and sometimes put in about 5-7 red cuz its got a cool effect, then I paint over it with car paints. The colors that are gonna be scratched away usually have about 5 layers. I use some rough grit sandpaper, like 70, u can get urself gray pencils to add dimension to the silver or if u scratched away too hard.
I use a combination of both. My armor typically is almost entirely scratch-away while my helmet is often topically applied in abundance and reverse scratched away to reveal what would technically be the 'top' layer.

For instance I paint the visor area red. I then apply silver, then dark grey, etc and not necessarily in that order. I then scratch away at the grey and silver to reveal the red underneath. Works great.

Here's a pic:


Hope this helps,

The way I used on my jet pack and the armor, was that the biggest chunks (silver), I cover them with painter's masking tape (the blue one, and the one with the least or weakest glue), and apply to those areas.

Remove carefully the tape, really carefully and slowly and just before the paint finishes drying completely, cause if you let it dry too long, it will drag BIG pieces of the areas that you intended to paint, and the scratches will look even bigger by accident.

The rest of the battle damage, once I got tired of the "three layer paint", I just decided to do the effect with different color paints, a really small and fine-tip paintbrush (for scale models), and lots of patience, just remembering to do the "under-color" (like in the armor...yellow) and then to continue with the finishing touches of silver wherever necessary.

For all of my battle damage (armor and helmet) I did the following:

First, I sprayed a few coats of primer, followed by 5-7 coats of Rust-O-Leum "aluminum", depending on the item.

Then I took a roll of "perfect release" masking tape (it's the purple kind that has less adhesive than the blue kind) and drew the shape of EACH scratch/scar/mark on it one by one.

As I would draw a scratch/scar onto the tape, I'd then cut it out with an X-Acto knife and apply them to where they went, using the Fett reference CD for guidance (my helmet had 93 individual pieces of masking tape on it by the time I was done!).

Finally, spray on a few coats of the top color, let dry, then remove all of the masking tape. Looks very real, since the silver/aluminum/chrome is not applied topically, and the top coat is actually on TOP of it. Very time-consuming, but really great results, plus with the "drawing on the tape method", you can cut out a more precise scratch/scar than you can usually paint one. ;)

Oh well, just something I came up with. Your mileage may vary. :D
i did my armor with a "scratch away" technique as you call it. i picked up some liquid latex and masked off the area my base silver coat where i wanted the scratches. paint and peel! it works fantastically.

no pics right now as my website is down. :(
My whole suit was topically, except the jet pack, which is scratch away method. Really both look realistic enough in person.
6-7 coats of primer, 2 coats yellow, 2 coats green.

Proceed to fully beat heck out of armor. Using farrier's rasp, ball peen hammer, butane torch, various sharp objects.

Oh yeah, my armor is metal. :D
I used vaseline the last time I painted the helmet. This time I'm going to try the mustard methos and hope for a less fluid look.
My old paintjob on my helmet was "scratch away" and I was quite pleased with it until people starting getting "PERFECT" with their helemts! :lol: Once that happened, I repainted the helmet using the MoM pictures and the topical painted damage to get more exact.

Currently, my chest armor and guantlets are the only parts of my costume that are still scratch away damage.
im a lil' late here, but i use that technique :)
this is an old pic of my helm, in fact the first w/visor on :D
any way some scratchs are made with sandpaper and others i cober the helm with tape, but i apply sandpaper to make more smooth ;)
<img src=>

the new scratchs are made with a knife :evil and some others just usin' the helm like a mop ... :lol: just kiddin ... but not with the knife part, i try to post new pics :)
I did this method with my don post helmet but it didn't work at all with my helmet i got from sarge. I ended up using a paint marker and it came out awesome. the don post helmet was made or a softer material than the resin helmet. The sarge helmet would scratch all the way to the base. So it would all depend on the type of helmet you have as to what would work best for you. As for the armor i don't know as i got mine finished from RA.
There is a way to do it and it's very easy. For those going to Dragon con and are interested maybe I could let everyone know at the dinner and then logon to the TDH and post it here on that night. It's not a big deal just want to have some conversational stuff for the dinner that is the only reason I'm waiting I thought it would be fun to have some stuff to talk about.


Here are some pics of my helmet and scratch built right gaunt (semi doing a "young fett" suit, baised on ESB) Sorry if these pics are too big, if a mod wants to shrink them then go right ahead, or tell me how to. (the gauntlet is not finished, got hoses, toggle switches, small cannon, and decals to add)





hope u guys like em
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